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Dan Zaitsev

Dan Zaitsev CL

Founder of Catchar, AR/ML Expert

Published September 18, 2021

Catchar 3.3: The Replicate Feature

Hey, Catchar community! Today, we would like to share with you a new update with several significant features.

  1. Editing projects. Yes, finally, you have the ability to edit and update your Augmented Reality projects. Use 'My Dashboard', find a section named 'Projects to showcase' and click the 'EDIT' button to start updating your project.
  2. The replicate feature. Monetization of your concepts, skills and projects is our top priority for the following years. Using the 'Replicate' feature, you can add a development cost for some of your old or new projects. As a result, businesses and brands can go through our showcase, check for different use cases, select projects they like and use the 'Replicate' feature to order a similar project for their goals.

Yes, we know that some of your projects could be under NDA, but our goal is to build transparency in Augmented Reality and Computer Vision domains. Using this new feature, marketers and businesses can optimize their time in searching different data. Moreover, they can be inspired by the branded AR campaigns that you have done for your customers previously and instantly understand the budget.

We did our best to automate the flow of project replication (order a similar). Businesses can share their briefs and pay online securely right on our website. Developers and studios are able to withdraw their profit through the wire transfer (SWIFT/SEPA). As usual, we support direct payouts to all developers regardless of location and country*

If you have a profile of the creator or studio, you are able to add the cost of development to your old projects to activate the 'Replicate' features. Navigate through 'My Dashboard', find a project and click the 'EDIT' button to add the dev cost. You can also add the dev cost to your new projects during submission.

Currently, businesses and creators can control the progress of replication through their dashboard section. A little bit later, we plan to introduce Catchar for Business and fully separate this flow.

If you have any questions, use 'online chat' to reach to out us directly.

Published June 14, 2021

Catchar 3.2

Our team sorts new updates and features so you can enjoy the Catchar experience. Recently, we have released a few significant features:

  1. Services. From now, studios and companies can add and list their services in designing, developing, managing, and scaling Augmented Reality apps, lenses, and campaigns. Please note! Do not share here price tiers related to your AR startups, editors since all services should be provided by sole creators, studios and teams manually. Use the 'Submission form' to add and showcase your services right away.
  2. Digests. We started organizing weekly and monthly digests of the best Augmented Reality apps, lenses and campaigns. You can discover AR digests in different verticals, like e-commerce, AR games, Snapchat lenses, branded filters, etc.
  3. Editors' Choice. Now you can find the best apps and projects at the top of lists with Editors' Choice badges. Such sorting will help you to recognize the best projects immediately.
Published November 23, 2020

Catchar 3.1

We continue improving our product and deliver new features. Today, our team would like to share the following updates and features that you have waited for so long.

⚙️ Profile editing. Use this link to update your information. P.S., please don't include links inside the bio.

? Introducing a new dashboard where you can:

  • Edit marketplace products (including description, price, screenshots, etc.).
  • Upload a new version of marketplace products. Also, you can add what changed in a new version (What's new).
  • Discover your profit and withdrawal costs. Use a new feature to request a payout.

? From now you can finally restore your password.

? We added search and filters to the marketplace.

? Two new fields for Instagram and Snapchat are available in user profiles so that you can link them.

Moreover, our marketing team is accelerating activities, and now we have up to 700 unique guests on the Catchar website daily. To summarize, for the last 30 calendar days, we achieved more than 15,915 guests.

We also have great results across our social media networks:

  • Twitter 2,011 followers
  • LinkedIn 2,114 followers

All our traffic and followers are related to Augmented and Mixed Reality domains.

Don't miss your chance to share your AR templates for sale and list your AR apps, lenses and campaigns to get more impressions and downloads.

Published October 03, 2020

Catchar 3.0

Our team is officially announcing the launch of a new 3.0 version of Catchar with a marketplace module. 

We found that some creators use Sketchfab, Gumroad and Etsy to sell and monetize their AR/MR assets. However, creators from CIS, Georgia, Ukraine, Asia and some other countries are limited in payouts from these services.

We released a marketplace and asset store where Augmented Reality creators and Machine Learning engineers can list for sale their templates, source code, 3D models and tutorials. Our system provides direct profit payouts through SWIFT and SEPA.

Please note! Currently, the marketplace is in the beta phase, so we are looking for early adopters and partners to test the marketplace and improve it. We are especially looking for designers, developers and studios who are ready to upload for sale their 3D models, templates and source code related to Augmented and Mixed Reality, Machine Learning, etc.

You can join the beta-testing program by using our Telegram chat. Using Telegram chat, you can aslo discover Catchar updates that sorts Alice (our AI assistant). Be up to date regarding the latest AR projects, articles, new creators and other activities.

Published May 23, 2020

Catchar 2.4

Some updates and new features available on Catchar ?

  • Be informed that we rescheduled our weekly AR/MR digest to Tuesday.
  • In addition, I would like to let you know that we released the instant post feature ↙️

This feature is only available for our creators and companies. Upgrade to company or creator role to start sharing. If you are one of them post information only about AR/MR domains otherwise you’ll be muted! Feel free to post related to AR/MR news, tutorials, guides, tips from Medium, TechCrunch, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or private blogs. Please don’t promote yourself too much ?

  • We continue working in terms of improving our SEO results, social and direct marketing. As a result, we have reached 350 unique visitors per day. Don’t miss the chance to showcase your AR/MR projects, articles and other updates.

Published May 16, 2020

More updates, more content, more likes!

We continue actively working on our social media channels. More and more Community Leaders are joining us to support your Augmented and Mixed Reality apps, lenses and campaigns. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter, like our Facebook or subscribe to the YouTube channel. 






Spread the word with your friends and colleagues to support our pages, Creators and Community Leaders ?

Published April 13, 2020

Catchar 2.3

Catchar has been updated! Our new 2.3 version is available:

  • List services of your company

From now our business users are able to list services, description and prices. If you are one of them please visit your profile to add them.

  • Improved page with projects

Our new feature provides the ability to discover AR apps and lenses through screenshots or list views. Find the button to try it out!

  • We changed project presentations in the newsfeed

We also changed the preview of projects in the newsfeed. Now you can discover them through screenshots.

  • SEO improvements

We continue working on SEO improvements so your profiles and projects can be searchable well across the web.

Feel free to share with us any your suggestions/feedback!

Published March 11, 2020

Catchar 2.2

Catchar has been updated! Discover below what changed in 2.2 version:

  • We have made some updates on our index page (visible for unauthenticated users only). So now we are displaying our top creators, companies and projects with the highest rating there.
  • We have also added the ‘What’s new’ feature where you can discover the latest product updates.
  • Finally, we released the ‘Instant post’ feature that allows sharing external links and text content. We are still testing it and currently, this feature is only available for our community leaders. If you want to be one of them, please contact @Dan Zaitsev.
  • We added the ability to share external articles. Find this feature through the 'article submission' button.
  • Our newsfeed has been Improved. Also, we added more events.

Let us know if you have any suggestions/feedback!

Published December 07, 2019

Catchar 2.1 (open beta)

We are happy to inform you that Catchar 2.1 (open beta) is available worldwide. We have done a lot of work in terms of creating new features, bug fixing and from the SEO perspective. Here’s the changelog for 2.1 version:

  • Product blog
  • Global search has been added
  • Improved ranking system of creators and companies
  • Improved ranking system of projects and articles
  • Improved newsfeed
  • Delivered quality SEO
  • Fixed responsive layout
  • Improved desktop layout
  • Lazy loading feature has been added
  • Improved design of Login / Sign up pages
  • Added ability to register and login via LinkedIn
  • Added sharing through all social media and email
  • Ability to send direct messages via emails to creators and companies
  • Improved instant email notifications
  • Added different placeholders
  • Ability to get AR lenses and apps by scanning QR codes from desktops and laptops

Guys, the most important thing is that currently, our website works through an open based model (No signup is required). That means our guests can easily visit us and discover AR / MR projects, profiles and articles. So, don't miss your chance to create your portfolio of XR creator by submitting your AR / MR projects, articles and updates to be visible worldwide. In addition, it will help you to receive more scores to your profile and appear at the top of search results.

Image credit: Hyper-reality

Published November 28, 2019

Catchar 2.0 (private beta)

We have some wonderful news! Finally our MVP of Catchar 2.0 is ready and we are going into private beta phase. We greatly appreciate you staying with us. Feel free to sign in and start creating your XR portfolio by submitting and contributing your XR projects, news and updates. It will help you to become #1 XR creator or contributor when we launch globally in the next 3-4 weeks. We apologize if you will find some bugs in our private beta. Just click 'LEAVE FEEDBACK' button at the right section of the website and we would definitely check them and fix them.

Here’s the list of features that are available in private beta:

Feel free to reach out to us regarding any ideas or improvements.