What to submit or contribute to Catchar?

What to submit or contribute to Catchar?

By Alex

In this post, we have decided to explain why it’s so important to submit and contribute Augmented and Mixed Reality projects, tutorials and other related content to Catchar. 

Why submit? 

First of all, you help to grow our community, and other XR creators and users can discover the latest trends and updates. Secondly, Catchar has its own ranking system for XR creators and contributors. It works through different algorithms, such as quality of XR projects, quality of creator profiles, uniqueness of submissions, activity of the profile, numbers of submits/contributions and much more. So, if you would like to stand out from the crowd and be presented at the top across our website, you have to submit or contribute XR content (articles, projects and updates).

Why contribute?

Not only creators or companies can submit XR related content on Catchar. Anyone can use Catchar to share useful projects, products and articles that would help to scale our knowledge base. Our best contributors will appear at the top of the list in our hall of fame ?

What to submit and contribute?

Our main goal on Catchar is to build a curated community and knowledge base that will contain lots of useful information, projects, tutorials and ideas about Augmented and Mixed Reality. So, you are very welcome to share and submit any type of content that will help to scale our community. Please make sure that your content is related to AR or MR since we don’t approve of any VR submits.

Live projects. Feel free to share Augmented and Mixed Reality apps, platforms, campaigns, games and effects that our users can download, use and share the feedback about their experiences.

Upcoming projects. If your AR / MR project or product is in the pre-launch phase and you would like to find first beta users and early adopters, you can share it here on Catchar. 

Ended projects. Submit XR projects that have ended but you still love and remember them. It will help our community to get some inspiration and discover the use cases.

Design. If you are a 3D artist or designer who would like to showcase your Augmented and Mixed Reality works and design, you are always welcome to share them with the Catchar community.

Concepts and ideas. If you have some prototypes of Augmented or Mixed Reality projects that you would like to share to receive some feedback to validate your idea. Make sure that you have a proper demo video or screenshots with descriptions.

Tutorials. Our community is always needed for useful guides and tutorials that would help our creators to start prototyping, designing and developing their Augmented and Mixed Reality applications, games, lenses, filters and other related projects.

News. If you are a copywriter or journalist or you simply have some news to share about Augmented and Mixed Reality domains, don’t hesitate, start right away! News is very important for our community. It will help our creators, companies and studios to stay ahead of the curve.

I hope that you found this article useful. If you still have any questions regarding what to share, please feel free to reach out to us. Start sharing or contributing Augmented and Mixed Reality projects and articles today to build the world’s largest XR community together. 

Image credit: Hyper-reality