Digests of the Best Augmented Reality Projects & Apps

Catchar organizes and presents weekly and monthly digests of the best AR apps, lenses and campaigns. Discover and download them for free!

Weekly Augmented Reality Digest #55

Check out the best Augmented Reality apps, lenses and campaigns shared with Catchar between the 8th and 16th of June.

Polish Cow
Hair Color Changer

Weekly Augmented Reality Digest #54

Check out the best Augmented Reality apps, lenses and campaigns shared with Catchar between the 1st and 8th of June.

The Kanye West legacy
Danger Mars
Dancing doctor Tongo
Edmonton Elks Gear
Big Pink Glasses
80's Portal

Weekly Augmented Reality Digest #53

Check out the best AR project shared with Catchar between May 25th and June 1st. This week we have Real estate AR experience for Igara and Interactive Photo Totem by EduHalfen, IBM X mainframe hardware demo by Groove Jones, Pokemon holographic cards by Jan Crisologo, Love mask made for Positivarecs by KK Studio, Mask Terminator for Bleacher Report and Rubber Chicken by KK Studio and NIKE SB by Pedro Afonso.

Real Estate Igara
Mask Terminator Kawhi Leonard
Pokemon cards holographic
IBM Z Mainframe
Interactive Photo Totem
The Love Mask
Rubber Chicken

23 Best Augmented Reality Games in 2021

Augmented Reality takes games to another level. It can significantly change old classic games' experience or help developers add new ideas and features to upcoming ones. Unlike VR gaming that needs a specific area to use a VR headset, Augmented Reality gamers use their mobile smartphones to play in any physical surroundings.

Researchers say that around 35% of non-gamers show matter in AR gaming. Four out of ten immersive gamers confirm that Augmented Reality gaming is more interesting than VR since it doesn't require specific headsets.

Below Catchar team has prepared a digest of the most quality and downloadable Augmented Reality games. If you are looking for new ideas for your upcoming AR games or simply want to play in AR, that's what you need. Discover details, check videos of gameplay, try them yourself. Don't forget to support developers by voting for games you like and share this digest across your social media networks to help our team.

Do Not Touch
Harry Potter: Augmented Reality Wizards
PokΓ©mon GO
Flippy Friends Fruit Crush AR
Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs
Minecraft Earth
Mammoth Mini Golf
Cubiti pARti
Untamed ARena

16 Top Ecommerce Augmented Reality Apps + Use Cases

This digest helps you discover the most innovative Augmented Reality applications and projects in the e-commerce niche. These projects help customers and users get relevant information about products, see how they look in the physical environment before buying them and order them directly in AR.

Catchar team organized this digest by researching top projects shared across our directory and other related sources. Here, you can also learn use cases and see how these projects and apps work, who made them and finally download and try them. This digest presents apps and projects in the following categories: furnishing, make-up, fashion and shopping. If you find it helpful, support our team and creators by sharing with friends and colleagues.

AR Watches
Virtual Try on Watch
Excellent Floor
Wanna Kicks
Primer: Design Your Wall
Ethan Allen inHome
Glasses by Warby Parker
Magnolia Market

19 Best Star Wars Snapchat Filters & Lenses

Meet our new digest of the best Star Wars Snaplenses. Transform yourself into the Anakin Skywalker, Mandalorian, Stormtrooper Yoda and other characters. Active Snaplenses for free, capture photos or videos, share them with your friends πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

Baby Yoda - Star Wars
Big Yoda Head
Light Saber
Dancing Baby Yoda
Boba Fett
Dancing Stormtrooper
Jar Jar Binks
The Child Yoda
Chadda Tha Hut

The 11 Best Instagram AR Effects and Filters Ever Made

Hey, you there! We organized a new digest of 11 Instagram effects submitted to Catchar. This digest combines a list of the best Augmented Reality projects according to Catchar. To create it, we checked different data such as rating, quality, reviews and many more. Please support our team and creators by sharing this digest using any preferred ways πŸ™Œ
Sun from "Rick & Morty"
LiL Vintage Mouse
To-mΓ‘ Kolchuga
Egyptian Filter
Cute Princess
80s Style
Indian AR

The Top 10 Snapchat AR Lenses & Filters of January 2021

Discover our January digest of the best lenses & filters for the Snapchat app. Here you can find Snaplenses that could help to replace your photo or video background, get a few anime AR lenses, download an AR filter with a rainbow effect and more. Learn more about projects, try Augmented Reality experiences, rate them!
Green Screen
Ripped Abs
Which Anime Are U
Rainbow Lens
Choose Background
Neon Edge
Ask a Question
Sharingan Contacts