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What is WebAR?

WebAR is an AR technology for sharing experiences at the present moment online without application. Now users have a chance to enjoy the Augmented Reality experience on the phone or tablet without the obligation to download an app or have specific hardware devices. Just sending the users to a certain URL is enough to be able to interact with the digital AR experience and bring any product to life. Using QR codes is one of the easiest ways to activate a WebAR experience and make interactive content available anywhere. Quick Look technology and .USDZ files are the fastest way to build Web-based Augmented Reality experiences. The virtual try-on feature allows interacting with physical products in AR to see how they look in a natural environment. Facial branded lenses and filters help to engage with customers in a new way. Maker-based WebAR allows to unlock and run AR experiences right on branded labels and CPG products. All those use cases can increase sales and push the e-commerce domain to a new level.

Buy and Sell WebAR Assets and Scripts Using Marketplace

Catchar’s Asset Store (Marketplace) is a place where creators, studios, and businesses can buy and sell 3D models, scripts, and templates for their future WebAR experiences. Besides classic development and outsourcing, now creators have an opportunity to make more income by selling their assets directly. All Catchar users have a chance to purchase these assets for deploying their new AR/MR projects easier. Join Catchar to start earning from your WebAR assets.


Discover WebAR Experiences and Examples

Catchar is a home for hundreds of WebAR examples in different categories, like lenses, games, educational, entertainment, commercial AR/MR. Companies and creators have a chance to discover curated WebAR projects on Catchar. Now it's possible to find complex AR projects and try them to understand how WebAR does work. Our creators are regularly adding new WebAR experiences of different levels. Now it's your turn to join the community and access a variety of WebAR experiences.

Hire WebAR Developers on Catchar

Hire AR Studios and Companies that Specialize in WebAR

AR/MR technologies are becoming a standard part of many companies’ activities being incorporated into education, communication, maintenance tasks. The efficiency of the operational processes rises with the immersive experiences. Small and large businesses have a great demand for collaboration with the professional AR studios available on Catchar. Here you can find a wide range of companies and studios specialized in AR Quick Look, .USDZ, Three.js, 8th Wall, Babylon.js and more. Join Catchar today and find your partner studio to push your business to a new level through AR.


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Catchar helps developers and companies to promote WebAR experiences and campings. If you are stuck, Catchar is here to help! Here you can share your ideas and concepts to get the first feedback from early adopters and professional AR developers. If you are a developer or simply love WebAR, feel free to share them with the Catchar community. All submitted projects go across social media channels, newsletters and other contacts. You can also share updates, news and tutorials related to WebAR.

WebAR news

Discover WebAR News and Tutorials on Catchar

A rich database and updates in terms of WebAR are at your disposal on Catchar. Our team and professional developers upload tutorials and guides on important AR subjects, such as face-tracking, effects, lighting, segmentation, entertainment, and commercial projects. We invite all creators with expertise in WebAR to contribute articles and projects. Submit your content and let us grow together on Catchar!