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Faq FAQs

How can I hire a professional Augmented and Mixed Reality developer?

The Catchar directory presents hundreds of professional developers who will develop your future AR projects. Create your account first and then browse creators and developers by using our filters, find ones that match with your tech stack and submit a proposal through the โ€˜HIREโ€™ button. If the proposal matches the developer well, you will get a reply shortly after.

What is the secret of creating proper AR/MR experiences with our developers?

First of all, make sure that you have prepared all the necessary requirements. In addition, some prototypes, wireframes and mockups would be useful.

Does Catchar take any fees or commissions?

Catchar offers a unique approach by working directly with Augmented and Mixed Reality developers, designers and other creators without any commissions.

If Iโ€™m an AR/MR developer or creator how can I be listed here?

Sign up first and properly fill in your profile. Note that all profiles are reviewed manually. You have to add all important information about yourself, such as biography, social media links, skills, etc. and this will help you to get a fast approval.

Can I submit my company or studio to this section?

No, you canโ€™t, since we have a separate section for this, where AR/MR companies and studios are listed. Please donโ€™t try to submit your company here :)

How does Catchar help AR Specialists?

Getting new customers and generating more revenue can be a challenge for any type of specialist. Catchar can help by generating more opportunities for AR developers, designers and other creators. In addition, here, developers can showcase their projects, create XR portfolios and collaborate with businesses, brands and other creators.

How does Catchar help Brands and Businesses?

By using the Catchar directory, companies and brands are able to find and hire the best freelance Augmented and Mixed Reality creators. The directory contains more than a thousand professional developers, designers, 3D artists, digital creators, marketing specialists, growth hackers, testers and many more different specialists. By using filters of skills, years of experience and technology stack, businesses are able to easily sort and then find the right candidates. After that businesses can discover the detailed profile of specialists and hire them by sending a proposal or request.

Spark AR creators on Catchar

On Catchar you can find and hire hundreds of professional creators, developers and 3D designers that specialize in Spark AR editor by Facebook. This editor by Facebook allows the creation of high quality and immersive AR effects, filters and experiences for Instagram, Facebook and FB Messenger. The core key feature of Spark AR editor is the ability to create real-time facial AR effects and lenses.

Segmentation is a new feature that allows separating human bodies, hairs and even entire backgrounds from the real-world surroundings. The latest update of Spark AR studio provides the ability to sync AR effects with body movements and hand gestures. Real-world effects provide the ability to track objects and markers (target images) and overlay them with a digital AR context. There is no way to use Spark AR SDKs yet. To unlock AR effects users have to download and use Instagram, Facebook and Messenger mobile apps.

Since Facebook products have a wide audience, some of the effects reach millions of impressions, captures and shares. As a result, businesses can use these AR effects to deliver some wow effects and receive huge consumer engagement. In the last few years, lots of influencers have started developing Spark AR effects and filters. As a result, it opens an additional marketing channel through influencer followers and subscribers. The price for creating AR effects by using Spark AR studio depends on the complexity and other different factors.

Creators who specialize in Lens Studio by Snap Inc.

Lens Studios is software for MacOS and Windows developed by Snap Inc. By using it creators are able to open their imagination and produce rich AR content and experiences for the Snapchat app. On average, around 75% of Snapchat users engage with Augmented Reality experiences to communicate, play, and learn every day. By using Catchar customers are able to discover and collaborate with official lens creators and Snapchat lens creative partners. Our creators specialize in developing different immersive AR experiences, lenses and campaigns that can satisfy all customer needs. Let's take an in-depth look and discover all of the types of AR experiences that our creators can produce for you.

Face Mesh in Lens Studio provides the ability to create real-time 3D lenses that can mimic and interact with the userโ€™s face. The marker-based feature gives the ability to use unique physical images as a trigger that allows unlocking AR content by scanning them. For example, you can create an AR lens that will overlay a poster, mural, labels or any other images with your own animated 3D characters, sound, video and other digital content. Segmentation in Lens Studio can be used as a camera's Mask Texture input to show or hide certain areas of the scene. Hereโ€™s what creators can segment with this feature: portrait background, hair, shoulder, face, head and even sky.

Landmarker is a feature that allows the overlaying of real-world attractions and buildings with digital content to create unique AR experiences. Today, users are able to discover lots of different AR experiences for well-known attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, Flatiron Building, Big Ben and more. Pet lenses allow adding AR content to Cat or Dog faces. You have discovered the most common Snapchat AR experiences and Lens Studio features. Feel free to contact our creators to discuss more options and start working on your future Snapchat AR experiences together.

ARKit developers on Catchar

If you are looking for skilled specialists who know how to develop AR applications for iPhone and iPad properly, Catchar is the right place for this. Our developers work and understand all important ARKit features to build immersive Augmented Reality apps and experiences. In the last few years, ARKit offers a revolutionary approach to building your own AR apps. Moreover, Apple Inc. regularly works on camera improvements. TrueDepth and LiDAR camera updates provide a whole new level of interaction with digital AR content and information. With the latest ARKit updates developers are able to work with the People Occlusion feature. It allows passing behind and in front of people in the real world, making AR experiences more immersive and realistic.

Motion Capture provides an understanding of body position and movement in real-time, thanks to TrueDepth that now helps tracking up to three faces at once. If you have any ideas regarding Collaborative Sessions and multiplayer AR games, the new version of ARKit supports these features and many more. Performance within AR experiences is a major problem but the Instant AR and LiDAR Scanner on iPad Pro enables incredibly quick surroundings detection. This allows for the instant placement of AR objects in the real world without pre-scanning. No code changes are required. Instant AR placement is automatically enabled on iPad Pro for all apps built with ARKit. By using Scene Geometry, developers are able to create a topological map of any space with labels identifying floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, and seats.

ARCore developers on Catchar

ARCore SDK is a great way to build your own Augmented Reality apps for Android devices and not only this. SDK is also compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine and iOS. ARCore uses the following capabilities of integrating Augmented Reality content into the real-world surrounding. Motion tracking understands and tracks the phone position in the real world by using a process called simultaneous localization and mapping, or SLAM.

Environmental understanding allows ARCore to detect different surfaces like the ground, a coffee table or walls. To detect current lighting conditions ARCore uses a method named light estimation. In terms of interaction with AR content users are able to use (x,y) coordinates to change the position of AR content and use taps to change behavior. The mapping of AR content works through oriented and feature points. They help to detect surface angles. Note that surfaces without texture, such as a white wall, may not be detected properly.

ARCore also offers the opportunity to use printed images as triggers. Once a user scans a physical image, Augmented Reality content will pop up. Developers can use Augmented Images to add an additional digital layer to movie posters, billboards, murals or any other physical images. In addition, ARCore also provides sharing features to create collaborative or multiplayer apps for Android and iOS devices. Use the Catchar directory to hire professional developers and start developing your future Android apps based on ARCore SDK.

Find the best developers for Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a spatial computer and headset that allows discovering and interacting with immersive Mixed Reality experiences. Catchar is proud of presenting hundreds of creators who specialize in developing high-quality experiences for Magic Leap headsets. By using the Lab editor for MacOS and Windows developers are able to build their experiences and projects. Frameworks are pretty different and developers can choose between Unity, Unreal Engine, MagicSript, Lumin Web Platform, Lumin Runtime and C API. Lumin is the core OS of Magic Leap that provides the following features.

World reconstruction provides tracking of the real-world surrounding and surfaces around the user in real-time using sensors on the Magic Leap device. World reconstruction is also responsible for meshing, hand meshing, raycasting, plane extracting and object detecting. Magic Leap and Lumin OS provide a wide range of features in terms of controlling the Mixed Reality experience, such as headpose, hand tracking, eye tracking. In addition, users of Magic Leap can use the branded analog controller with its trigger and two buttons to interact with MR content. This was a quick overview of Magic Leapโ€™s core features. If you need more information, examples or a consultation, feel free to reach out to our creators.

Reach out to professional HoloLens developers

Microsoft presented HoloLens in March 2016 and this device has quickly become one of the most leading Mixed Reality headsets available on the market. On Catchar you are able to find and collaborate with professional HoloLens developers to release your next project. The device uses 3D holograms to bring to life Mixed Reality experiences and content. There are no additional analog controllers needed since HoloLens understands gestures and voice commands. Companies and developers can use a wide range of frameworks like Unity, Unreal, JavaScript, Azure, WebXR, WebVR, OpenXR, WinRT to build MR apps and projects. PTC's Vuforia Studio is also compatible with the HoloLens and allows creating immersive MR experiences with simple drag & drop digital content. In terms of features, HoloLens has coordinate systems, eye tracking, a holographic frame, scene understanding, gestures control, spatial mapping and much more. Famous brands and the worldโ€™s leading companies like NASA, Natuzzi, Mattel and others use HoloLens to improve their work processes or provide new shopping experiences for their customers.

Vuforia developers on Catchar

Unlock the unlimited potential of AR/MR with Vuforia and our developers. Vuforia is one of the pioneers of the Augmented and Mixed Reality industries. The company provides a wide range of AR and MR services, such as industrial Augmented Reality, AR solutions for Enterprise, SMB, etc. Vuforia also has its own AR engine and SDK that support most of the various platforms, such as Unity, iOS, UWP, Android and even Microsoft HoloLens. Discover below the major AR/MR features of Vuforia:

  • Model and Object Targets: Allow developers to recognize physical objects by shape, using pre-existing 3D models. As a result, this feature provides the ability of layering with digital content a wide variety of items like industrial equipment, toys, vehicles, etc.
  • Image Targets: Vuforia provides highly accurate recognition of target images (markers) and layering them with any digital content. Use this feature to augment any printed media or product packaging.
  • Area Targets: This type of feature provides the ability to augment entire environments so that users can discover enriched Augmented and Mixed Reality content by using a commercially available 3D scanner.
  • Multi-Targets: If you are looking for the ability to recognize and augment several targets of the same type, Vuforia supports this option too.
  • Cylinder Targets: Recognize cylindrical images (e.g. beverage bottles, soda cans, etc.) and wrap them with AR content.
  • Ground Plane: Enables you to place digital content on horizontal surfaces. Works well with environments like tables and floors.

In addition, Vuforia operates a Cloud Recognition Service. By using it developers are able to put targets on the remote server and donโ€™t have to store them on physical devices. As a result, it helps to optimize apps, projects weight and recognizes a large set of targets.

Discover Wikitude specialists on Catchar

Many developers and companies have already tried Wikitude as an Augmented Reality solution. The company has a strong ecosystem and community. More than 140,000+ developers use Wikitude products and more than 40,000+ AR apps have been built. There are several different products available to build your next AR projects. The most common product is the AR SDK (Augmented Reality Software Development Kit) that allows developing AR apps that can recognize, track and augment physical objects, images, scenes, and even specific geo-locations. Developers are able to use Native or JavaScript API or choose Xamarin, Unity, Cordova or Flutter extensions to build cross-platform AR solutions for smartphones, tablets and digital eyewear across Android, iOS and Windows.

Cloud-based Target Storage is the next product of this company. This is online storage that can host up to 100,000 target images and augment them on the fly. Wikitude Studio is an editor that allows creating, managing and sharing Augmented Reality content without any technical skills. So, if you are looking for freelance developers who specialize in developing AR apps and projects with Wikitude products, Catchar is the right place for this. Create your account, browse for developers and start creating your next AR app today.

Hire Web AR developers

Web AR is a game-changing technology for AR/MR domains that became popular in 2017. No app needed! Web AR provides the ability to discover Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences directly in mobile web browsers. Apple uses ARKit and AR Quick Look, which allows discovering Augmented Reality experiences in the Safari browser. AR Quick Look is compatible with the USDZ file format. Reality Converter by Apple makes it easy to convert, view, and customize USDZ 3D objects on Mac OS. Simply drag-and-drop common 3D file formats, such as .obj, .gltf and .usd, to view the converted USDZ result. Google also provides the ability to work and use Web AR. Starting from the Chrome version 67, the company announced the WebXR Device API. You can even find AR experiences in Google Search and simply discover them with your mobile device. Besides Apple and Google, there are a few different companies and tools that specialize in Web AR experiences, such as 8th Wall and Vectary. Use Catchar right away to find and hire the worldโ€™s professional Web AR developers who can build your next AR/MR project.

Catchar presents specialists that have the following skills:

3ds Max, Advertising, After Effects, Agile, Animation, AR content, ASO, Automation testing, Beacon, Blender, Blogging, Copywriting, Entrepreneurship, Games, Gamification, Geolocation based AR, Growth Hacking, iOS, Java, JavaScript, Lean Marketing, Lens Studio, Linux, Lumin SDK, Maya, Mobile apps, Monetization, MySQL, Objective-C, OpenCV, Photoshop, Product Management, Sales, SEO, Side projects, Sketch, SLAM, Spark AR, Startups, Swift, UI, Unity, Unreal Engine, UX, Video Production, Wireframing, Unity AR Foundation Framework, TensorFlow, YOLO, Faster-RCNN, Raspberry Pi.

The directory has lots of specialists from different business levels:

CEOs, CMOs, Designers, Developers, COOs, CTOs, Influencers, Lens Creators, Managers, Marketers, QAs, Recruiters, Screenwriters, Copywriters, Sound Editors, UX Designers, UI Designers, 3D Artists, Motion Designers and more.

Catchar presents creators from the following regions:

U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, India, Russia, Belarus, Belgium, France, Sweden, China, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkish, UAE, Qatar, Ireland, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, etc.

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