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Discover the list of our creators who have given rise to the best-in-class Augmented and Mixed Reality projects together. Learn more about them, visit their profiles and reach out to them regarding potential opportunities or collaboration requests. If you want to be listed here too, just click sign up and fill in your profile information 😼

How does Catchar help AR specialists?

Getting new customers and generating more revenue can be a challenge for any type of specialist. Catchar may help in these terms by generating more opportunities for AR developers, designers and other creators. In addition, here they can showcase their projects, create XR portfolios and collaborate with businesses, brands and other creators.

How does Catchar help brands and businesses?

By using the Catchar directory companies and brands are able to find and hire the best Augmented and Mixed Reality creators. The directory contains more than a thousand professional developers, designers, 3D artists, digital creators, marketing specialists, growth hackers, testers and even more different specialists. By using filters by skills, years of experience and technology stack, businesses are able to easily sort them and find the right candidates. After that businesses can discover the detailed profile of specialists and hire them by sending a proposal or request.

Find and hire creators that specialize in Spark AR studio by Facebook

On Catchar you can find and hire hundreds of professional creators, developers and 3D designers that specialize in Spark AR editor by Facebook. This editor allows creating high quality and immersive AR effects, filters and experiences for Instagram, Facebook and Fb Messenger. The core key feature of Spark AR editor is the ability to create real-time facial AR effects and lenses. Object tracking is also possible with the Spark AR editor and its technologies.

Creators that specialize in Lens Studio by Snap Inc.

Around the world, face-tracking AR lenses and masks are well-known experiences. Lens Studio is the best tool that allows creating and developing these lenses for the Snapchat app. Catchar directory presents hundreds of professional developers who will develop your future AR projects. Simply browse them by using our filters, find the best one and hire them through the Catchar website.

ARKit and ARCore developers on Catchar

If you are looking for specialists and developers who know how to develop and build mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android, Catchar is the right place for this. ARKit and ARCore are properly the best libraries for creating AR mobile apps. The latest updates allow the tracking of human faces and bodies, physical objects and surfaces and the overlaying them with digital AR content and animations. Outdoor and indoor AR navigation is a new feature that you can also release by using those SDKs and with the help of our developers.

Find the best developers for Magic Leap and HoloLens

Mixed Reality headsets deliver a whole new level of interaction with digital content and information. These headsets work perfectly for enterprise projects but they also have lots of cool features for in-house usage. So, if you are looking for the best developers, who can carry out the most difficult tasks, Catchar is the right place.

Discover Vuforia and Wikitude specialists on Catchar

Vuforia and Wikitude are pioneers of the Augmented and Mixed Reality industries. By using their SDKs end-customers and developers are able to create different types of AR/MR projects, designed for basic users or even enterprise levels.

Catchar presents specialists that have the following skills:

3ds Max, Advertising, After Effects, Agile, Animation, AR content, ASO, Automation testing, Beacon, Blender, Blogging, Copywriting, Entrepreneurship, Games, Gamification, Geolocation based AR, Growth Hacking, iOS, Java, JavaScript, Lean Marketing, Lens Studio, Linux, Lumin SDK, Maya, Mobile apps, Monetization, MySQL, Objective-C, OpenCV, Photoshop, Product Management, Sales, SEO, Side projects, Sketch, SLAM, Spark AR, Startups, Swift, UI, Unity, Unreal Engine, UX, Video Production, Wireframing, Unity AR Foundation Framework

The directory has lots of specialists from different business levels:

CEOs, CMOs, Designers, Developer, COOs, CTOs, Influencers, Lens creators, Managers, Marketeers, QAs, Recruiters, Screenwriters, Copywriters, Sound editors, UX designers, UI designers, 3D artists, Motion designers and more

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