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What is ARCore by Google?

ARCore is an SDK and library made by Google Android for AR experiences creation. ARCore allows working on different phones running Android 7.0 and later. Giving a chance to reach users without limits, Cloud Anchors API permit to experience AR on both Android and iOS. ARCore allows the phone to perceive the environment on a new level and interact with the surrounding information. The main features of ARCore are motion tracking in relation to the surroundings, environment comprehension identifying the size and various surfaces, and light evaluation. ARCore allows placing objects and information, so they integrate flawlessly with the real world, leaving the space, then returning and seeing the object right where you left it.

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Download the Best Android AR Apps and Games

Catchar surprises with unlimited opportunities for everyone working with AR projects in various categories, starting from E-commerce and Facial Lenses to Games and Entertainment. Whether you are a developer or a business, you will discover use cases based on the assets on Catchar. Sophisticated mobile apps and AR mini-games are available among other options created by using ARCore. More impressive assets are constantly added on Catchar with the ARCore constantly improving, adding new contextual and semantic understanding about people, places, and objects. So stay tuned with Catchar and get the top ARCore games and apps right away!

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Hire AR Studios and Companies that Specialize in ARCore

AR field is no longer an area for just playing. More businesses take advantage of the AR experiences engaging their clients with viral content. Catchar is a community uniting not only individual creators but also AR studios with impressive portfolios. Companies and brands looking for highly professional ARCore content are welcomed to find the studio for future products. Catchar will provide information about the previous projects of the studio and help find the right match. For AR studio owners and representatives, Catchar offers an opportunity to get more leads and inquiries in terms of developing branded apps and campaigns.


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If you are stuck with the promotion of your Android Augmented Reality apps and projects, Catchar is here to help. Here you can share your ideas and concepts to get the first feedback, early adopters and beta users. If you are a developer or love AR apps, please share them with Catchar. Our team promotes all submitted projects across social media channels, newsletters and partners. The community also has its knowledge and education center base to learn or contribute valuable updates, news and tutorials.

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The most experienced creators willing to share their experience in ARCore can monetize their knowledge by offering tutorials and guides for the AR newbies. An extensive database of tutorials, guides and articles on facial tracking, light extension, AR interactive patterns inserting, new effects, segmentation are only a few among the topics a new creator can learn about on Catchar. We are grateful to our experienced creators who constantly help the community grow by providing the latest content on ARCore. So share your content or learn AR secrets with Catchar!