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What is ARKit by Apple?

ARKit is a framework by iOS allowing to create unparalleled AR experiences with access to deeper information and more details gathered by the LiDAR Scanner iPhone and iPad. ARKit offers opportunities to interact with the real world in entirely new ways by enabling the immediate placement of virtual objects and connecting them flawlessly to the environment. AR experiences can be placed in famous landmarks at the required latitude, longitude, and altitude coordinates, allowing the objects to be seen from different perspectives. ARKit Face Tracking is able to track up to three faces simultaneously with the content realistically passing behind and in front of people, creating more immersive experiences. An automatic estimate of the objects’ physical size is achieved by detecting up to 100 images at the same time. Advanced features of the ARKit are available to any creator who understands how to work with motion graphics, UX/UI design, and coding basics.

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Creators, studios, and companies now have the opportunity to sell their AR assets, such as 3D models, scripts, templates and tutorials for ARKit on Catchar platform. Besides mobile development, the creators have a chance to receive additional income by selling their AR assets directly. Clients and other creators are able to purchase these assets and templates to develop their new AR experiences and projects easier. Upload your ARKit asset to the Store on Catchar and start making a profit.


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Using Catchar, users can discover and download thousands of different projects in different categories, like E-commerce, Facial Lenses, Games, Entertainment, Education, Utilities, Architecture, etc. Moreover, developers and businesses can discover use cases based on those projects listed on Catchar. Here you can find an extensive range of different projects starting from Augmented Reality mini-games and ending by complex mobile applications and editors. Jump into ARKit and its projects with Catchar right away!

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AR development is becoming more business-oriented, providing the businesses with the opportunity of creating new products and building tremendous viral effects to engage the clients. Companies and brands may now find professional AR studios on Catchar to order unique lenses and experiences for them. The studios' previous AR experience and portfolios are available on Catchar for the businesses to find the one with suitable expertise and style. Meanwhile, Catchar offers a wide range of positives for studio owners, AR startups and companies by sorting more leads and business inquiries. List your company today to get more opportunities.


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If you are stuck with the promotion of your iPhone and iPad Augmented Reality apps and projects, Catchar is here to help. Here you can share your ideas and concepts to get the first feedback, early adopters and beta users. If you are a developer or love AR apps, please share them with Catchar. Our team promotes all submitted projects across social media channels, newsletters and partners. The community also has its knowledge and education center base to learn or contribute valuable updates, news and tutorials.

Lens news

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Catchar’s rich database of tutorials and guides helps creators to develop the first AR apps and games with the ARKit. The developers may learn about and receive updates on tracking faces and people, effects around them, segmentation, applying 2D and 3D objects for the scene, light and color features. This section provides the most recent information concerning ARKit. If you are experienced with the app and have a lot to share with the Catchar community, please submit your content to us. Any user can share news, articles and tutorials on AR. Let us grow together faster and build a stronger supportive community.