The unofficial Vuforia community on Catachar is opened for the ones looking for and creating the best AR/MR experiences. Catchar connects business representatives with professional AR experiences developers. The community invites the new creators and those who would like to grow in the Vuforia framework to create your profile in Catchar and submit your assets. The platform provides information on building experiences for Vuforia and tutorials on innovations in AR.


What is Vuforia by PTC?

Vuforia is an Augmented Mixed Reality software development kit for various hardware, including mobile, HoloLens and Magic Leap devices. Computer Vision apps and games for iOS and Android can also be created due to Vuforia integration in Unity. Vuforia offers API in C++, Java, Objective-C++, and the .NET languages. Vuforia identifies and tracks two-dimensional images and 3D objects, which allows the creators to place virtual objects in the real-world environment of the device's camera. The virtual objects look real and empower immersive user interactions. Convenient software tools, dynamic features and excellent vision allow developers to create refined AR experiences. AR creators working with motion graphics, UX/UI design, 3D modeling and coding can start developing and selling their Vuforia assets right now with Catchar.

Buy and Sell Vuforia Assets using Catchar Marketplace

Catchar's Asset Store connects creators, studios and businesses, allowing them to buy and sell 3D models, scripts, and templates for Vuforia. Creators now have an opportunity to monetize their assets other than just making money from development. Our clients and other creators, at the same time, receive the opportunity to purchase these assets for deploying their new AR/MR projects faster. Join Catchar to start earning from your Vuforia assets.


Get the Best Vuforia Apps. Discover Use Cases

Catchar contains numerous facial lenses, mobile games, educational, entertainment, commercial AR/MR projects available for download. Businesses and other creators get a selection of Vuforia projects on Catchar. Finding the most sophisticated AR solutions has become possible with our marketplace. Every day our creators are adding new assets of different levels, from mini-games to enterprise solutions. Get access to a variety of Vuforia experiences on Catchar!

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Hire AR Studios and Companies Specialized in Vuforia

Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies become a standard part of many businesses' operational processes. AR/MR are incorporated into education, communication, maintenance tasks. Operations become much more efficient due to immersive experiences. Developing companies have a great demand for collaboration with the professional AR studios, which can be found on Catchar. The platform provides information with the portfolios of the high-level professional studios able to work with complicated business projects. Join Catchar and find your partner studio in AR, taking the business to a new level.


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If you are stuck with promoting your Vuforia Augmented and Mixed Reality apps and projects, Catchar is here to help. Here you can share your ideas and concepts to get the first feedback, early adopters and beta users. If you are a developer or passionate about AR apps, please share them with Catchar. Our team promotes all submitted projects across social media channels, newsletters and partners. The community also has its knowledge and education center base to learn or contribute valuable updates, news and tutorials.

Vuforia news

Discover Vuforia News and Tutorials on Catchar

A massive knowledge database and updates related to Vuforia are available on Catchar. Our professional developers upload tutorials, guides, and masterclasses on face-tracking, effects, lighting, segmentation, entertainment, and commercial solutions. We welcome all creators with Vuforia experiences to contribute to our exchange and get additional income from shared experiences. Submit your content and help others grow on Catchar!.