Catchar’s Mission

Our idea is to build a community-based project where XR creators and companies help each other to build the best Augmented & Mixed Reality projects that change the way we interact with digital content and information. Our goal is to scale both these technologies more rapidly.

Spatial Collaborative Room

By using Catchar, individual creators, companies and studios are able to share and promote their XR apps, lenses and campaigns. Apart from this, creators can educate users on how to use their specific projects, what to scan to unlock XR experiences and how to interact with AR/MR content. As a result, users of Catchar have the ability to search, download, use and rate Augmented and Mixed Reality projects. In addition, one of the main objectives of Catchar is to help potential creators to learn more about how to build the best-in-class XR projects by discovering tutorials, best practices and getting valuable support from other creators.

In addition, all XR creators and companies know that gaining new leads and customers might be a challenge. We do not prefer the commercial path but we think that Catchar might solve this problem too. All Catchar’s profiles of creators and companies are visible and searchable across the web and our project. As a result, businesses can discover them and get in contact with creators and companies regarding potential opportunities. Note, that a creator’s or company’s profile is your business card. As such, profiles that have a proper portfolio of XR projects, articles and updates are receiving X10 more responses than the blank ones. Don’t hesitate to create your profile and make sure it stands out!

If you are keen on Augmented and Mixed Reality, Catchar is the right place to be. Also, our project might be of great value if you are looking for inspiration, ideas or the use case for your next XR projects. Catchar presents more than a thousand of different XR apps, lenses and campaigns sorted by communities, technologies and categories. Moreover, all projects contain detailed information about how to use them, high-quality screenshots, videos of AR experiences, details about creators and sure, ability to download XR projects to your device.

Our team is extremely passionate about Catchar and our mission. We believe that our project might help many young talented creators and anyone who wants to jump into AR/MR space. We do not stop working on new features and experiences for you. A lot more is yet to come. Stay with us not to miss out on our new features and be the first to experience them first-hand.

Let’s build the future of Augmented and Mixed Reality together!