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SuperFan Studio

SuperFan Studio

Creative agency

Inner Space Web Design

Inner Space Web Design

Lens studio



AR studio , Advertising agency



AR studio , Development company

Studio ANRK

Studio ANRK

MR studio

Groove Jones

Groove Jones

Development company , AR studio



AR studio , Production studio

Dreamsoft Innovations

Dreamsoft Innovations

Development company , AR studio

KK Studio

KK Studio

AR studio , Lens studio



AR studio



Product company

Catchar companies

How does Catchar help brands and businesses?

The directory presents hundreds of the best and most professional AR companies that specialize in developing apps and projects for Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, iPhone and iPad by using ARKit SDKs and Android ARCore. In addition, here you can find AR studios, official lens creators and Snapchat lens creative partners that can develop branded lenses and campaigns for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram apps for you, by using Spark AR and Lens Studio editors. Companies that specialize in developing projects based on Vuforial (PTC), Wikitude, Web AR and Unity AR Foundation Framework are also presented on Catchar. From a services standpoint of view, here you can work with companies that can carry out a full-cycle development, starting from prototyping and researching and ending with design, 3D modeling, developing and marketing. But if you are looking for outsourcing and outstaffing services, or companies that can do project work for you, Catchar can help you to find the right companies and start working with them.

How to find the right company on Catchar?

On Catchar you can find a wide range of different companies starting from small AR/MR studios and ending with professional production companies. In addition, you can find official lens creators and Snapchat lens creative partners here. All those types of companies and studios can be easily found by using this page. The rating system helps to identify the best ones. Filtering by type will help you to find the right company that will match your project needs. By checking company profiles businesses are able to learn more about their services, specialization and definitely discover portfolios with previous and upcoming Augmented and Mixed Reality projects. Moreover, brands and businesses can discover detailed information, use cases, key studies and success stories about specific projects. You can download all projects to your device by using direct links that will redirect you to AppStore, Google Play and Microsoft Store. User and customer reviews help to identify the project quality.

How to start working with an AR Studio or Company on Catchar?

Before you start please make sure that you have a draft concept, technical requirements and other necessary information. Use Catchar to find a company or studio that will match your project needs. Click on the ‘HIRE’ button to reach out to the company, add your requirements, deadlines and budget. If your proposal is suitable, the company representative will reach back out to you.

How does Catchar Help AR Companies and studios?

Over the last few years Augmented and Mixed Reality have been changing the digital production and software development businesses. As a result, lots of companies have started thinking about how to jump into these domains to land new customers. At the same time, companies and studios that already work with AR/MR are wondering about how to increase their revenue streams and land more valuable projects. Catchar can help in both cases. The main goal of Catchar is to connect Augmented Reality companies and studios with potential businesses and customers. They can work together to develop and release branded AR apps, lenses and campaigns that will satisfy customers’ needs. These cases might help AR companies and studios to find new customers, lead new projects and increase revenue streams. So, if you are looking for more opportunities don’t miss your chance to register your company and be presented on Catchar.

Which types of AR/MR company are present on Catchar?

Augmented Reality Studios

Catchar is a home for many famous Augmented Reality studios. Most of them specialize in developing Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences, lenses and effects for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat apps. In addition, AR studios offer Augmented Reality content creation including 3D, animations and motion graphic design. They can also assist you in terms of distributing your AR/MR experiences through Spark AR Hub and Lens Studio.

Besides the developing of AR effects, studios can build AR/MR experiences and projects for you by using 8th Wall, Vectory, Vuforia, Wikitude, ARKit, ARCore and Unity AR Foundation Framework. Reach out to them today through Catchar and don’t hesitate to discuss any potential opportunities with our professional AR studios.

Development Companies

If you are looking for companies that can develop custom Augmented and Mixed Reality apps, software or SDKs for you, Catchar is the right place for this. Dev companies on Catchar offer a wide range of services, such as prototyping of wireframes, UX/UI design, full-stack software development, testing, management, marketing, publishing of AR/MR apps and projects on the AppStore, Google Play Market, Microsoft Store and Magic Leap World). Companies of this type can be either small indie studios or giant outsourcing companies with thousands of employees. In terms of cooperation, there are a few different options, such as hourly based cooperation, fixed based rates per project and the ability to hire dedicated teams. To establish proper workflows and software development, companies use scrum, kanban and waterfall methodologies.

Product Companies

Here you can also discover lots of companies that build their own Augmented and Mixed Reality products and startups. Usually, these types of companies have skilled teams of AR/MR developers, designers, managers, testers and other specialists. The tech stacks that product development companies use are pretty broad. Some company uses native SDKs, such as iOS ARKit and Android ARCore, whereas others try to build their SDKs, recognition and mapping engines by using OpenCV, TensorFlow and YOLO. Bootstrapping of AR/MR products and MVPs is also possible by using 3rd party solutions like Vuforia and Wikitude. Feel free to discover product development companies on Catchar and reach out to them in terms of any potential opportunities, questions about their products or investment options.

Creative Agencies

A creative agency is a company that spends its days crafting artistic and engaging work for brands, products and businesses. Typically, the creative agency is a careful blend of developers, designers, PR ‘ninjas’, content writers and directors. By combining creative thinking and AR, agencies can produce innovative user and consumer experiences. These types of AR experiences can be done by mixing Digital + Printing + Advertising tactics. Catchar is proud to host and present different Creative Agencies from around the world.

Mixed Reality Studios

Development of Mixed Reality apps, projects and experiences can be handled by MR studios present on Catchar. Headsets and devices that are compatible with Mixed Reality are HoloLens, Magic Leap One, Avegant Lightfield, Dimension NXG AjnaLens, Nreal Light, Tesseract Holoboard, MOVERIO Smart Glasses by Epson and Zappar Zapbox. MR apps and experiences are used for interactive product content management (IPCM), military training, simulation-based learning (SBL), medical, functional mockup, art and remote working. By using various frameworks, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, MagicSript, Lumin Runtime, JavaScript, Azure, WebXR, WebVR, OpenXR and WinRT studios are able to deliver MR projects of any complexity. Our MR studios work closely with customers to be on the same page and deliver high-quality results.

Game Studios

Game studios presented on Catchar specialize in development of AR-based games and gamification features. Games with Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences make a huge impression among users and players. Even the integration of minigames and AR quizzes into your existing apps can impact the user experience. By using Catchar, customers are able to collaborate with small indie game studios or big game companies. These types of companies can handle the creation of characters, 3D modeling, game design, animation and finally development of entire gameplay. Our studios can craft and deliver AR games and gamification components from scratch, or provide solutions in terms of integration into your existing products/projects.

Production Studios

These types of studios and companies work in the fields of television, new media art, performing arts, video games, film, radio, comics, interactive arts, websites, and video. Lots of them have started focusing on the production of sound, video and voice content for Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences. By using ​green or blue screens and the chroma key technique, production studios are able to record videos of physical objects, humans and animals. These videos help to separate the background from objects on video and can be used to create AR/MR holograms. 360 videos and photos allow creating AR/MR portals, spheres and other immersive experiences. Sound and voiceovers are also highly important for better engagement and user experience. Usually, production studios have professional audio and video equipment to create high-quality content.

Advertising Agencies

Using Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences for advertising could open a huge viral and have a wow effect on consumers. You may hear that some AR/MR apps, lens and campaigns reach millions of impressions, captures and shares. Ad agencies presented on Catchar can develop the right steps and strategy of integration for AR/MR experiences in your next advertising campaigns. In addition, they can handle the promotion of AR/MR apps, lenses and campaigns to get more views and downloads. Ad agencies may use classic CPC marketing, social media marketing, growth hacking and lean marketing methodologies.

List your company on Catchar

If you are a business representative you can easily register your AR/MR company on Catchar. During the registration, you are able to add all the necessary information about your company, such as name, description, add your tech services, upload a company logo, select the company type, add your contacts and the link to your official website. If everything was filled in properly, the Catchar review team will quickly approve your profile and you will receive a confirmation email. After this, you are able to start organizing your AR/MR portfolio and land your first customers. Don’t forget to share the information that your company is now presented on Catchar across your social media and contacts. It will help you in terms of SEO and get some traffic juice to highlight your company profile on the website.

Showcase projects and create your AR/MR Portfolio on Catchar

Sharing and showcasing Augmented and Mixed Reality projects (apps, lenses and campaigns) is highly important. First of all, it helps businesses and brands to understand the experience of your company through the previous projects that your company has done. Secondly, Catchar has its own rating system that works through many factors, such as the activity of the company or studio, numbers of submitted projects, the popularity of AR projects, etc. So, if you would like to see your company at the top of the list or search results across our website, you definitely have to share your projects and organize your XR portfolio.

Promote and advertise your Augmented Reality apps, lenses and experiences with Catchar

If your company or customers are looking for opportunities to promote AR/MR projects, Catchar can definitely help in this case too. Simply submit the projects to the directory and they will be promoted across different Catchar channels, such as newsletters, social media and through our partners. If you are looking for accelerated promotion, Catchar has a paid option for that. As a result, your submitted projects will receive X-more views, impressions and downloads.

Catchar presents companies from the following regions:

U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, India, Russia, Belarus, Belgium, France, Sweden, China, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkish, UAE, Qatar, Ireland, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, etc.

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