AR studio, Development company

➑️ What Is Areeka Studio?
Areeka Studio is an easy-to-use tool which helps you create your own Augmented Reality Experience only through your Web-Browser.

We provide a tool for creating, viewing and sharing immersive experiences. Whether you're a student, corporate or school, we have just the solution for you. Let your creativity flow. 🀳

Areeka Studio is a subsidiary of Areeka that aims to spread the vision of Augmented reality for education, and make AR easy to understand and use.

Try It Yourself

Areeka Studio allows you to edit your content and Augment it instantly through the online editor. Try it yourself, You can experiment by augmenting your pictures.

πŸ₯³ Image recognition
πŸ€— Trigger Upload Manager
πŸ€“ iFrame export - create AR for your own page
πŸ’ͺ Rotate, scale and move objects fast and easy
πŸ™ŒUpload 3D Content, video or images
πŸ’‘High quality for 3D for the web
πŸ’₯User-Oriented easy to use UI and UX

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