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What is HoloLens by Microsoft?

HoloLens is a Microsoft hardware and software providing AR solutions. A Mixed Reality holographic headset allows getting involved with digital content and interacting with holograms. Numerous sensors, sophisticated optics and holographic processing intervene ideally with the environment, sense spatial orientation, track objects, and even simulate the real world. HoloLens also includes an HD Camera, several microphones, a light sensor, and a processing unit with a capacity higher than the average laptop. HoloLens is a platform used both for work and entertainment. Enterprises create new solutions designed particularly for HoloLens, such as a hard hat for construction, vehicles’ visualization apps, devices used by the technicians, surgeons, field workers, etc. This headset provides unlimited opportunities for growing and developing unique Mixed Reality solutions, projects and experiences. A creator working with motion graphics, UX/UI design, 3D modeling can now develop his own HoloLens experiences and monetize their skills and assets using Catchar.

Buy and Sell HoloLens AR Assets using Catchar Marketplace

Catchar offers creators and studios a platform for selling their 3D models, templates and scripts for HoloLens. Getting additional income from AR assets has become easier than ever. Just upload the HoloLens assets you have created to Catchar’s store and let the customers and other creators purchase them from you! Asset Store by Catchar helps customers and businesses to build and deploy HoloLens apps and projects faster.


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Games, entertainment, architectural, educational, and many other AR apps and projects are available for downloading on Catchar. AR admirers, businesses and other developers have a variety of HoloLens projects at their disposal and can discover use cases offered by Catchar’s contributors. AR experiences of different scales, starting from mini-games up to complex solutions for the businesses, are available on Catchar. Dive into the world of HoloLens experiences on Catchar!

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Hire AR Studios & Companies Specialized in HoloLens

A constantly increasing number of companies adopt augmented and mixed reality technologies applying them for various purposes, such as maintenance, problem-solving, assembly guidance, team education and communication. Immersive experiences make operations more efficient and productive. Companies and brands are actively searching for high-level AR studios and finding them on Catchar. We are proud to create connections between the AR studios and companies, resulting in outstanding projects. Raise your company to the next level with AR experience and find the studio on Catchar accompanying you in this journey. Also, get a chance to list your AR/MR studio with Catchar to get new leads and more sales in terms of developing branded projects, apps and campaigns.


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Looking for an option to promote your HoloLens Mixed Reality apps and projects? Catchar is here to help. Here you can share your ideas and concepts to get the first feedback, early adopters and beta users or scale your projects globally. We promote all submitted projects across our media channels, like newsletters, social networks and partners. Catchar also has its education base where you can contribute your news and tutorials. Become #1 Mixed Reality creator with Catchar!

HoloLens news

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Any information and updates on AR experiences are now available on Catchar. Among the tutorials, guides, and master classes on tracking faces and people, effects, lighting, segmentation, entertainment, and commercial cases, new tools, and secrets about HoloLens experiences are contributed daily on the platform. All the creators with the exciting HoloLens experience, ideas, and cases are welcomed to share them on Catchar and monetize their knowledge. Go ahead and submit your content! Make an impact in the AR world!