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About the Lens Studio community

This is an unofficial Lens Studio community on Catchar that allows you to browse and get the best AR lenses for the Snapchat app. If you are a business representative, Catchar might help you to find and work together with hundreds of professional Lens Studio creators. The knowledge base of Catchar contains lots of information that will help you to build your own AR lenses and keep in touch with the latest updates. If you are a creator, feel free to join us, create your profile and organize your AR portfolio.

What is Lens Studio by Snap Inc.?

Lens Studio is free professional software that is compatible with Windows and MacOS, released by Snap Inc. This software provides the ability to create immersive Augmented and Mixed Reality lenses and experiences for the Snapchat app. One of the most famous types of Augmented Reality experiences that allow changing and transforming human faces in real-time. Today, you can discover plenty of new and different types of AR that were created by using the Lens Studio editor. Here are some examples… The new land marker feature allows the augmenting of entire buildings and attractions. Object tracking allows the augmenting, with digital content, of human hands, physical objects and even animals (cats and dogs). Marker tracking provides the ability to overlay printed images with digital AR content. Actually, anybody can become a creator and start developing their own AR experiences. Typically, AR creators should understand and work with motion graphics, UX/UI design, 3D modeling and a little bit of coding.

Discover the best AR lenses for Snapchat on Catchar

Currently, the Catchar directory contains thousands of the best and high-professional Augmented Reality lenses and experiences for the Snapchat app. Here you can download lots of funny face lenses that will help you to surprise your friends, and also here, you can discover branded AR experiences that have reached millions of views, impressions and shares. The search filter will help you to sort all lenses and experiences in a few clicks and download the best ones. Each AR project for the Snapchat app that is presented on Catchar has its own profile and page. On the project page, users are able to learn more about the AR experience, how to use it, discover the screenshots, watch the videos, check information about creators and finally get it on their devices and Snapchat app. Afterwards, users can also rate and review the experiences that they like or not.

Discover Lens Studio creators on Catchar

If you are looking for professional Lens Studio creators or you are one of them, Catchar is the right place to stop by. Hundreds of developers, 3D designers, managers and other creators have already created their profiles. On creator profiles, you can find all the necessary information, such as a summary of qualifications, skills, years of experience, recent activity and discover their AR portfolio with its lenses and filters. Moreover, users are able to contact creators through direct messages and emails regarding business opportunities.

Discover studios that specialize in Lens Studio

Branded lenses for the Snapchat app can help to build a huge viral effect and customer engagement for your business. In this case, many people wonder where they can find professional AR studios and companies, which can develop high-quality and proper AR lenses and experiences. Fortunately, by using Catchar businesses and brands can find and hire studios and official lens creators that specialize in developing professional lenses. In addition, Catchar helps to discover previous AR experiences and projects that were done by specific studios to display their skills and style.

Share AR lenses and articles on Catchar

Promotion of AR lenses can be a challenge, but Catchar might help in this case too. Here you can share your ideas and concepts to get the first feedback. If you are a creator, or simply love AR lenses, feel free to share them with Catchar. All projects submitted to Catchar would be promoted across social media channels, newsletters and partners. The community also has its own knowledge base where you can contribute useful updates, news and tutorials.