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What is Wikitude?

Wikitude is a company of various AR solutions for smartphones, tablets and smart glasses, with the Wikitude SDK as the company’s core product. Wikitude SDK offers recognition and tracking of the images, 3D model rendering, and video overlay for Android, iOS, Windows, and HoloLens devices. Wikitude provides a wide range of experiences for businesses starting from interactive catalogs, AR labels, digital city guides, up to large industrial projects, and employee assistance in daily work.

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Using Catchar, developers and users can access a wide range of games, educational apps, entertainment and branded AR/MR projects. Such a variety allows businesses and other creators to find necessary solutions to Wikitude projects. Discover simple mini-games to the most sophisticated AR project on the Catchar platform. Get access to unlimited Wikitude experiences!

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Developers can share Wikitude apps and experiences using the submission form to organize their portfolios on Catchar. All submitted content goes through promotional across 30K+ connections by our team. Add your services to Catchar so businesses and brands can hire you directly. Start earning with Catchar Asset Store and Marketplace right now!

WikiTude news

Discover WikiTude News and Tutorials

Catchar directory contains a database of Wikitude tutorials helping the developers to build their first AR experiences. You can learn from the best creators who upload tutorials, guides, and masterclasses on face-tracking, effects, lighting, segmentation, entertainment, and commercial solutions. Anyone can become a contributor on Catchar to drive the ecosystem together. Feel free to join the platform, submit your content and build the world's most incredible AR community!