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Catchar’s unofficial Magic Leap community offers an opportunity to choose from the most exciting AR experiences. Catchar gives access for businesses to develop in AR with the top professionals from all over the world. Any creator can improve his skills in Magic Leap and grow using the educational platform on Catchar. Please submit your profile and take advantage of the community’s benefits!


What is Magic Leap?

Magic Leap is a wearable computer and headset for enterprise productivity-able technology that includes a headset called Magic Leap 1. Along with the hardware, Magic Leap’s software enables interaction with digital objects across mixed reality. Magic Leap superimposes 3D imagery and holograms over real-world objects. Its sensor detects surfaces allowing it to reconstruct the surroundings in digital and interact with the objects. The spatial interface consists of various input models, which track voice and gestures. Magic Leap is moving forward, and in 2022, plans to release futuristic MR glasses for everyday use expecting to replace mobile phones. The new headset will be lighter than in the previous version and will come with an improved field of view. Assets for Magic Leap could be sold on Catchar, as well as the tutorials on working with the technology.

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Businesses, creators and studios have a chance to buy and sell 3D models, templates and scripts for Magic Leap on Catchar. Unique AR assets have become available to anyone and creators can monetize their products more effectively. It’s a win-win! It only takes to upload the Magic Leap assets to Catchar’s store and let the customers and other creators purchase them from you!

Magic Leap

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Catchar offers hundreds of Mixed Reality games, entertainment, architectural, educational, and many other AR projects and apps. Discover use cases provided by Catchar's contributors and select from the most amazing Magic Leap projects. The various caliber of MR experiences, starting from mini-games up to reliable solutions for the businesses, are available on Catchar. Open yourself to the world of Magic Leap world right now on Catchar!

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Magic Leap is widely used to improve enterprise productivity and other AR/MR solutions applied for advertising, maintenance, problem-solving, assembly guidance, and communication. Immersive experiences make processes more efficient and increase the teams' involvement. This trend raises the demand for professional AR studios to work on complex projects. Catchar allows businesses and brands to find and hire professional studios and companies that specialize in developing by selecting from their impressive portfolios available on the platform. Same time, AR/MR studios can get involved in new challenging projects with the help of Catchar.


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Catchar helps Magic Leap developers and companies to promote their applications and projects. You can also share your ideas and concepts with Catchar to get the first feedback, early adopters (beta users). All shared projects with Catchar go across our media channels, like newsletters, social networks and partners. Become #1 Mixed Reality creator with Catchar!

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