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Discover Spark AR (an unofficial) community on Catchar, where you can browse and get the best Augmented Reality effects and experiences for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger apps. Moreover, here you can discover professional AR creators and their projects. Catchar can also help in terms of learning how to build your first AR effects, collaborate with other creators and get hired by businesses and brands.


What is Spark AR by Facebook?

Spark AR is the software that allows the creation of your own Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences by using 3D models, animations, sounds, buttons, videos and other digital assets. By using a real-time tracking engine Spark AR allows augmenting the different types of physical objects, such as human faces and hands, and syncing effects with body movement. Recently, a new feature was presented named ‘Target Tracking’ that allows the overlaying of printed images with digital AR content. Once an AR experience has been developed, creators are able to distribute their projects to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger apps through the Spark AR hub.

Buy and Sell Spark AR Templates and Assets Using Marketplace

An Asset Store and market by Catchar offers creators, studios and companies the ability to sell scripts, 3D models, templates and tutorials for Spark AR. Selling such assets, creators have a new straightforward way to monetize their assets and generate additional income besides lens development. On another side, creators and customers can buy these assets and templates to build and deploy their future Augmented Reality experiences and projects faster. Visit the Asset Store, upload your Lens Studio assets and start earning with Catchar together.


Get the Best Instagram and Facebook AR effects

Catchar presents thousands of the best Augmented Reality effects, filters and experiences for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger apps. Users are able to find, discover and download them by using different handy filters, such as popularity, release date and category. On the project page, users are able to find out more information about how to use this AR effect, learn more about the creator, read the project description, discover the screenshots and download the AR effect through a QR code or the direct link. After discovering AR experience users are able to add a review and vote for the projects. So, if you love AR and are looking for cool effects for Instagram and Facebook, the Spark AR community on Catchar is definitely worth stopping by and checking.

Hire Spark AR creators on Catchar

Hire Studios that Specialize in Spark AR

If you are looking for well-qualified companies and studios that specialize in Spark AR, Catchar is the right place. Catchar presents numbers of AR studios, advertising agencies, creative agencies, development companies, game studios, lens studios, MR studios, product companies, and production studios. All these companies are highly skilled in developing AR effects and have been especially selected to be presented on the website. Discover them today and start building your first AR effect for Instagram or Facebook app.

Spark AR

Share Spark AR Projects and Articles with Catchar

By using the simple submission form, creators and any other users are able to contribute and share AR experiences for Instagram and Facebook. Catchar provides the ability to share projects at different status levels. Developers can share the concepts to collect feedback about the idea. Sharing coming soon projects helps in terms of getting the first beta-users. Live projects on Catchar are receiving additional downloads and reviews.

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Discover Spark AR News and Tutorials on Catchar

Catchar contains plenty of useful guides and tutorials that help creators to start developing their first AR effects, by using Spark AR studio. Learn here how to track people and places, what is segmentation, how to make effects in people's surroundings, use 2D and 3D objects to build your scene, work with light and many more. In the news section, you can find the latest updates about Spark AR and its creators. All users are able to contribute and share news and articles with Catchar. Feel free to help us to build the world’s largest Spark AR community and start submitting your content today!