Catchar 3.3: The Replicate Feature

Catchar 3.3: The Replicate Feature

By Alex

Hey, Catchar community! Today, we would like to share with you a new update with several significant features.

  1. Editing projects. Yes, finally, you have the ability to edit and update your Augmented Reality projects. Use 'My Dashboard', find a section named 'Projects to showcase' and click the 'EDIT' button to start updating your project.
  2. The replicate feature. Monetization of your concepts, skills and projects is our top priority for the following years. Using the 'Replicate' feature, you can add a development cost for some of your old or new projects. As a result, businesses and brands can go through our showcase, check for different use cases, select projects they like and use the 'Replicate' feature to order a similar project for their goals.

Yes, we know that some of your projects could be under NDA, but our goal is to build transparency in Augmented Reality and Computer Vision domains. Using this new feature, marketers and businesses can optimize their time in searching different data. Moreover, they can be inspired by the branded AR campaigns that you have done for your customers previously and instantly understand the budget.

We did our best to automate the flow of project replication (order a similar). Businesses can share their briefs and pay online securely right on our website. Developers and studios are able to withdraw their profit through the wire transfer (SWIFT/SEPA). As usual, we support direct payouts to all developers regardless of location and country*

If you have a profile of the creator or studio, you are able to add the cost of development to your old projects to activate the 'Replicate' features. Navigate through 'My Dashboard', find a project and click the 'EDIT' button to add the dev cost. You can also add the dev cost to your new projects during submission.

Currently, businesses and creators can control the progress of replication through their dashboard section. A little bit later, we plan to introduce Catchar for Business and fully separate this flow.

If you have any questions, use 'online chat' to reach to out us directly.