Catchar 2.4

Catchar 2.4

By Alex

Some updates and new features available on Catchar ?

  • Be informed that we rescheduled our weekly AR/MR digest to Tuesday.
  • In addition, I would like to let you know that we released the instant post feature ↙️

This feature is only available for our creators and companies. Upgrade to company or creator role to start sharing. If you are one of them post information only about AR/MR domains otherwise you’ll be muted! Feel free to post related to AR/MR news, tutorials, guides, tips from Medium, TechCrunch, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or private blogs. Please don’t promote yourself too much ?

  • We continue working in terms of improving our SEO results, social and direct marketing. As a result, we have reached 350 unique visitors per day. Don’t miss the chance to showcase your AR/MR projects, articles and other updates.