Catchar 3.1

Catchar 3.1

By Alex

We continue improving our product and deliver new features. Today, our team would like to share the following updates and features that you have waited for so long.

⚙️ Profile editing. Use this link to update your information. P.S., please don't include links inside the bio.

? Introducing a new dashboard where you can:

  • Edit marketplace products (including description, price, screenshots, etc.).
  • Upload a new version of marketplace products. Also, you can add what changed in a new version (What's new).
  • Discover your profit and withdrawal costs. Use a new feature to request a payout.

? From now you can finally restore your password.

? We added search and filters to the marketplace.

? Two new fields for Instagram and Snapchat are available in user profiles so that you can link them.

Moreover, our marketing team is accelerating activities, and now we have up to 700 unique guests on the Catchar website daily. To summarize, for the last 30 calendar days, we achieved more than 15,915 guests.

We also have great results across our social media networks:

  • Twitter 2,011 followers
  • LinkedIn 2,114 followers

All our traffic and followers are related to Augmented and Mixed Reality domains.

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