Catchar 2.2

Catchar 2.2

By Alex

Catchar has been updated! Discover below what changed in 2.2 version:

  • We have made some updates on our index page (visible for unauthenticated users only). So now we are displaying our top creators, companies and projects with the highest rating there.
  • We have also added the ‘What’s new’ feature where you can discover the latest product updates.
  • Finally, we released the ‘Instant post’ feature that allows sharing external links and text content. We are still testing it and currently, this feature is only available for our community leaders. If you want to be one of them, please contact @Dan Zaitsev.
  • We added the ability to share external articles. Find this feature through the 'article submission' button.
  • Our newsfeed has been Improved. Also, we added more events.

Let us know if you have any suggestions/feedback!