Catchar 3.0

Catchar 3.0

By Alex

Our team is officially announcing the launch of a new 3.0 version of Catchar with a marketplace module. 

We found that some creators use Sketchfab, Gumroad and Etsy to sell and monetize their AR/MR assets. However, creators from CIS, Georgia, Ukraine, Asia and some other countries are limited in payouts from these services.

We released a marketplace and asset store where Augmented Reality creators and Machine Learning engineers can list for sale their templates, source code, 3D models and tutorials. Our system provides direct profit payouts through SWIFT and SEPA.

Please note! Currently, the marketplace is in the beta phase, so we are looking for early adopters and partners to test the marketplace and improve it. We are especially looking for designers, developers and studios who are ready to upload for sale their 3D models, templates and source code related to Augmented and Mixed Reality, Machine Learning, etc.

You can join the beta-testing program by using our Telegram chat. Using Telegram chat, you can aslo discover Catchar updates that sorts Alice (our AI assistant). Be up to date regarding the latest AR projects, articles, new creators and other activities.