Fectar rewards Augmented Reality content creators

Fectar rewards Augmented Reality content creators

Recently, Catchar cooperated with the Fectar company to activate and run a new XR community. Before we launch the main contest with the Fectar company, we decided to launch a series of small competitions today so you can get aboard and experiment with the Fectar Studio. Catchar creators and studios can get $45 for each immersive experience created with the Fectar Studio. We plan to reward the best 15 Augmented Reality experiences and creators. Meaning the prize pool is $600.

Moreover, the most active and talented Augmented Reality creators and studios would become official partners of the Fectar company and start working on branded and sponsored AR content ?

What else you get?

  • Free lifetime unlocks on the Catchar website to join as a creator or studio (equals $99 and $149).
  • Get a 1-year free subscription (which equals $1,788 /yr) on the Fectar Studio.
  • You can get an extra $25 bonus if your AR experience gets more than 1,000 views in the first month after publication on the Fectar app.

NOTE! All these offers are applicable only in case if you join the Fectar community on Catchar and start creating your own AR experiments/content using Fectar Studio. Also, we reward max three AR experiences per account; however, you can create as many AR experiences as you want, so it can help to increase the chance of winning.


  • Learn more about creating AR spaces (experiences) with the Fectar Studio and how to use the Fectar App. More tutorials, you can find on the Fectar YouTube channel.
  • Create your trial account on the Fectar Studio. Start creating AR content, test it, publish it!
  • Message me any preferred way, and I will activate a 1-year free subscription for you on the Fectar Studio.
  • Only creators who joined the Fectar community on Catchar can participate. First, make sure you joined (message me, and I will activate a lifetime unlock on the Catchar website so you can join as a creator).
  • Submit your Fectar AR content to showcase it with Catchar community.
  • Follow at least one or two workshops, where the Fectar team teaches the fundamentals & insights of AR and give a demo of the Fectar platform!
  • On July 21th, 2021, we are going to select winners.
  • We will send your reward through PayPal, Wiretransfer or any other preferred option.

AR content and experiences we are waiting and looking for:

The Fectar Studio works for both technical and no-code developers and creators. As a result, you can experiment and show your best.

E-commerce. Feel free to create e-commerce AR content and experiences. We especially love pop-up stores like these ones: Pop-up Lego Store and Verizon Virtual Store.

Education. Augmented Reality in education probably is the most potential vertical. That's why we are also looking for some AR content and experiences related to education. Feel free to pick any themes you want and try to deliver immersive AR content. Here's what guys on Fectar were done previously: Zubo Polar Bear, Airplane Turbine.

However, if you feel that AR experiences and examples above aren't easy for you, try to start from basic things and build something fun and cool.

If you are stuck or have any questions/proposals, feel reach out to me directly. You can find my contacts right on the Catchar profile.

Good luck ✌️