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The Fectar Studio is an online builder that allows creating of immersive Augmented Reality experiences and content. It fits both technical and non-technical users. The content management system by Fectar Studio offers the ability to control, share and moderate AR content from anywhere. Discover the core features of the Fectar Studio below:

  • Augmented images
  • Augmented videos
  • Augmented audio
  • Augmented 360 photos
  • Augmented 360 videos
  • Holopresenter (!)
  • 3D models including GLFT, OBJ, Unity 3D

Use Fectar Studio to create the following interactions:

  • Navigate
  • Hyperlink
  • Question
  • Anchor
  • Button

Forget about static AR experience. Spot settings by Fectar help create dependencies and relations between different AR content inside one experience.

The spatial feature by Fectar moves collaboration to a whole new level. Now you can collaborate with your colleagues in one AR experience.

The spatial editor runs by Fectar iOS, and Android apps help creators preview, adjust and improve AR experiences right in the physical environment.

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