NOIRE: The Escape Room

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Play an escape room anywhere you want

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Looking for the ability to develop an immersive escape room? Thanks to the Fectar Studio, developers can create seamless journeys and quests inside one and entire Augmented Reality experience.

Fectar applications allow your users and customers to dive into the AR journeys and discover 360 spheres with different interactions inside.

Quest story:

Find the murder by obtaining all the hints and discover who the criminal is! While you enter the office of George DeLuca, Private Investigator, you understand that you are in a tricky situation. Indeed, George has already determined the crime, but can you find his records on the case. George was neurotic and has left clues all over his office. This is no common criminal case; this is the quest for the disappeared file. If you fail to gain the record, a murderer might go, and blood will be on your fingers.

How to Use it

You need to download Fectar Scanner for iOS or Android devices to use this Augmented Reality experience.

Use your smartphone! It's a markerless AR!

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