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Bring LEGO offline store to your physical space with the Fectar app

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Fectar Studio offers a whole new customer experience by bringing offline stores right to any physical space using Augmented Reality. From now, brands and retailers are able to create their virtual stores. Moreover, developers can initialize different interactions with virtual items and products, showcase more information and stats about products, add CTA buttons, like 'BUY IT NOW' or 'ORDER NOW,' add promotion videos.

At the same time, customers can use the Fectar app, which has millions of downloads on the AppStore and Google Play, to activate and discover those virtual online stores. 

This experience has been designed as a virtual demo store for the LEGO brand. Don't miss your chance to dive into LEGO's virtual store with the Fectar app, discover and learn more about its products.

How to Use it

You need to download Fectar Scanner for iOS or Android devices to use this Augmented Reality experience.

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