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Bring your Art to life with WebAR on Areeka Studio ? Exciting features available for free to add an immersive layer to your creativity !

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Bring your Art to life on the Web ?

Take your artistic creation to a whole new level and make an engaging and more lasting impression for your audience in just a few easy steps! You can now bring your art to life with WebAR in the Areeka Studio and take it from just being seen to being experienced in an immersive way. With Image recognition and various tools at your disposal, you can try it out today and create next level Art! Below is an example of the many ways to take your art from the paper into the immersive realm!

What Is Areeka Studio?
Areeka Studio is an entirely web-based tool for creating customized Augmented Reality content without need for previous coding experience or downloading any app. It provides users with various features and integrations that simplify the processes of viewing, creating, and sharing immersive scenes instantly! The Areeka WebAR Studio is a product of the brand Areeka, which aims to spread the vision of Augmented reality for Education, and decentralize AR by making it easy to understand and use.
Whether on PC, Mobile or Tablet, try it yourself to enjoy the features listed below and way more;
? Image recognition for customized projects
? Trigger Upload Manager
? iFrame export - create AR for your own page
βœ… Rotate, scale and move objects fast and easy
? Upload 3D Content, video, images or add text
? Access high quality 3D models from existing databases
? User-Oriented easy to use UI and UX

Start creating today! Visit:

How to Use it

How to Use it:

β€’ Open the link (or scan QR Code), Download Trigger and Start AR
β€’ Your browser will ask for camera permission. Please allow to use the camera of your device. Now scan your downloaded Areeka-Trigger (or specified image trigger if using the image recognition function) and enjoy your self-created AR experience.

To try this particular WebAR project simply:
1) open this link:
2) scan the trigger image to Discover AR Content and tap for interactions

Target Images

Info Scan these images to discover AR content

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