Augmented Reality for Recruitment

Augmented Reality for Recruitment Ended

Aircards developed a unique Web-based AR experience for a leading recruitment agency in the UK.

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Aircards created an Augmented Reality experience for leading Recruitment Agency in the UK, Jackson Hogg. Bringing their printed event brochures to life to increase consumer engagement at expos and trade-shows. Using WebAR and image tracking, our team placed the brand video on the back of the brochure within the AR experience. We placed clear Call-to-Action buttons to create a super clean and user-friendly experience. The CTA link directed potential clients straight to an email form to get in touch with the Senior Consultant.

We turned what would have been static printed event material to an engaging and dynamic piece of content which was able to directly send interested potential customers to get in touch. Increased engagements from event print marketing material, 42% AR engagement rate from print distribution and a click-through rate of 34%.

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