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Triffic Is A Free Augmented Reality App That Rewards You In Cryptocurrency Called GPS Tokens.

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Triffic rewards you with GPS Tokens for moving about, and it requires no changes to your existing lifestyle. You can acquire GPS Tokens for routine daily tasks like walking the dog, driving to work or going shopping. With almost zero learning curve, Triffic can be used by literally anybody - from busy housewives, to keep fit fanatics and from taxi drivers to farmers. In fact, if you need to move for any reason whatsoever, then Triffic will reward your efforts.

There are currently over 10,000,000 Triffic Reward Beacons around the globe. Some contain caches of GPS Tokens, while some contain offers or special power-ups. When you get into the vicinity of a Reward Beacon, you can switch to detection mode, whereupon, you can search for it using augmented reality.

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