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Digital.Things is a framework to create web-assets that include both immersive experiences (WebAR, 3D viewer, Face-tracking, Hand Tracking) with traditional media and web functionality (Images, videos, forms, links, chats, games, purchases, etc...).  The latter are the standard KPIs of the internet and a requirement for any traditional brand or media campaign.  All campaigns are measured by traditional engagement metrics like, video views, sign-ups, purchases, etc, and it is our belief that these boxes need to be checked for any immersive experience to be accepted by the market today.  

Digital.Things allow for the connection of these 2 content types, in a web-based asset that can be attached and delivered through established mass media distribution channels. They can be emailed, texted, attached to ads, be an ad, be a landing page, inserted into videos, displayed as layovers,.... basically anywhere you can have web content.

These assets can also live on the spatial web within point-clouds, GPS locations, etc..

When an asset is previewed you can review the content, view the WebAR, and then save the asset in a blockchain digital wallet powered by Ethereum/Conseneys. This allows any user to put the experience in their pocket and engage it at any time. It also allows the user to share the asset, trade, drop on the ground and redeem with a fully functioning redemption system.

Since all assets are blockchain smart assets, we can add fully programmable “Smart-Asset” capability that can unlock functionality based on asset state (preview, saved, placed in a location), type of device, and partnership with other assets in a wallet. This allows your experience to grow, change and merge based on the user, and the environment.

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