AR 'Living' Business Card

AR 'Living' Business Card Live

Aircards 'Living' AR business cards bring your headshot to life from the card using Web-based Augmented Reality. Check out the video in-action.

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The Aircards team recently launched their 'Living' Augmented Reality business cards for sale to the public at the 52nd Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2020. The team enjoyed showcasing the cards around the show and watching the excitement on peoples faces as they see our cards come to life in front of them.

Using WebAR technology, Aircards AR business cards do not require an app download view. Simply take your iOS or Android device out of your pocket, point it at the card and watch it come to life.

Aircards provides an end-to-end service for the creation and deployment of Augmented Reality marketing campaigns. If you're interested in utilising AR in your next marketing campaign. Go to or email to get started.

How to Use it

Users are directed to either scan the QR code on the card or go to the cards unique URL, once the user has accessed the webpage they can point their phone at the card to bring it to life.

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