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Market your location with an immersive 360 experience

360 Real Estate filters


if you take panoramic 360 images of your locations or exhibition space then you should consider extending the reach of your content via social channels. If you're looking for a way to create immersive experiences on social platforms to share with your audience and potential gain viral growth then you have come to the right place.

A 360 environmental filter allows your customers/users to explore a space and interact with overlays or 3D elements. The applications are very broad so chat with us about the possibilities and let's get creative on showcasing your location or brand.

We can turn your 360 panoramic images into SparkAR filters with the following functions:

Standard panorama

  • One effect with one standard panorama
  • can be extended by up to 5 panoramas in one filter using strong image compression
  • Standard panorama consists of 10 tiles in a 3d sphere with a resolution of 1024 x 1024 px. Includes gesture controls: finger movement, zoom on tap and two fingers selfie mode + face retouching the number of panoramas in the effect from 3 to 6, depends on the ability to compress a particular image.

High resolution panorama

  • One effect with One High Resolution Panorama
  • High resolution panorama 40 tiles 40 tiles in a 3d sphere with a resolution of 1024 x 1024 px. No more than the 1st panorama in the effect due to file size limits. The differences are noticeable when you zoom in on the panorama (zoom).

Options that can include in your filter

  • Publishing a panorama to your account
  • Adding audio to a panorama, one type (noise, music, sounds)
  • Particle effect, one type (snow, sparks, lighting effects, etc.)
  • Adding a selfie mode + face retouching to the panorama
  • Adding an overhead tiara (rotating graphic ring)
  • One Static label in 3D panorama space
  • Adding animated labels and logos to the panorama
  • Adding 3d objects to the panorama (+ animated ones)
  • Removing and retouching the tripod (Nadir retouching), one panorama
  • Inserting a logo instead of the tripod, one panorama

All effects will be published under your brand or even your client’s’ brand. Filters can be

published to Facebook, Instagram or as a Facebook Ad creative all from the Spark AR hub.

Minimum file requirements: spherical panorama with a resolution of more than 4000 x 2000px.