Burger 360

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Let your customer discover the restaurant menu, including food and drinks

  • Cost of development: $1,024
  • Communities: Spark AR
  • Categories: CPG

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Let your customer discover the restaurant menu, including food and drinks, through the Instagram AR effect. Our creator can help to create natural food using 3D and Spark AR software with the following customization.

  • Developing a new or similar AR concept for your brand Designing new and custom 2D/3D models
  • Customization of motion graphics
  • Additional interactions can be added on request, for example, animations of an expanded burger or markers on specific ingredients

How to Use it

Simply click the 'ORDER SIMILAR PROJECT' button, fill the brief and pay securely on our website. Creator will ship you this project shortly.

Please note: if you requested lots of changes and customization, the development cost could be higher.

Click the 'Unlock this AR effect' button to test and see how this Instagram game works. You need to have the Instagram app installed. Tap to place on any surface. The burger plate will rotate automatically and you can pinch to zoom.

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