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WWF Free Rivers puts an entire landscape in your hands. Through this immersive, augmented reality experience, you’ll discover a river that flows through the lives of people and wildlife, and how their homes depend on those flows. Dam the river to see what happens, and then try different options for sustainable development that keeps the river healthy and flowing. Collect stories of people and animals along the way!


• In-depth, educational storytelling experience for environmental science

• Stunning, animated, augmented reality model users can interact with and learn from

• Five distinct habitats based on real places: the Himalayan mountains, tropical jungles, African savannah, South American grasslands, and Southeast Asian deltas.

• Opportunity to get involved and help protect rivers, and the people and wildlife that depend on them

• An augmented reality map of the world’s rivers—and some of the biggest threats and opportunities they face.

How to Use it

To play WWF FREE RIVERS, allow the app to access your camera to use the AR features.

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