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Kids can take an educational trip to space with amazing new augmented reality app - AR-kid: Space

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AR-kid: Space is an application that uses Augmented Reality to allow children to discover Space and the history of its exploration in an innovative, fun and immersive way.
At each step, Cosmo the robot-guide accompanies the child to explain the essential and make him want to learn more.

How to Use it

Equipped with an iPhone or an iPad, and guided by Cosmo, the child has the impression of really conquering Space thanks to the immersive power of Augmented Reality.

AR-kid: Space is divided into 4 main chapters:

β€’ Chapter 1 "Ready for takeoff": the child makes an Augmented Reality rocket appear, and learns all about it before launching it into Space.

β€’ Chapter 2 "Above the Earth": the shuttle arrives in orbit and the child can discover the astronauts, the Space Station and a communications satellite, as if he or she were actually in Space.

β€’ Chapter 3 "On the Moon": following in Neil Armstrong's footsteps, the child sets foot on the Moon... at least virtually.

β€’ Chapter 4 "The solar system": the child travels through the solar system, and can move from planet to planet to learn more about Earth's neighbors, and about the Sun.

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