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Find your inspiration by experimenting from a palette of room designs curated by Wayfair stylists - a unique interior design and planning experience!

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Wayfair Spaces is a unique interior design and planning app, which combines immersive room planning elements with the exceptional convenience of 3D visualization, all interacting with the real world across Magic Leap's boundless display.

Find your inspiration by experimenting with a palette of room plans curated by Wayfair stylists.

Mix and match products from these dollhouse-scale designs to experiment with a multitude of ideas for your space. Each scene features products laid out harmoniously in room silhouettes, from contemporary living rooms to coastal kitchens to industrial offices.

While exploring these mini-inspirational scenes, drag 3D furniture and decor models into your actual space to see how world-scale items look and fit as you enjoy designing the room of your dreams.

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