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Shoot evil robots in Mixed Reality experience

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Game changer
The evil robots from the Robot Planet have chosen this building, this very room, to stage their invasion of Earth through port holes in your walls and floor. So you’d better grab your ray gun, get blasting and send them back home in pieces. Adventure has never been bigger, gameplay has never been this immersive, and characters have never been so believable that you have to take cover behind the couch.

The walls are alive with robots
The magic of Lumin OS planes and meshing API makes Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders fully interact with your world. Robots come through the walls, the floor — even from behind your couch. And with the GPU and CPU engine generating hyper-real visuals, every Probebot, Simpletron and Thugmobot will have you feeling like you’re really surrounded.

Have a blast
Pick up superpowered weapons with Control and watch them appear in the palm of your hand. Then wield them in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways with six degrees of freedom. Yank away bot body parts with the grapple gun, sabotage the workings of the Robot Planet with the Saboteur 66, or melt rust-bucket robot faces with the Wave Blaster 6000.

Hollywood is now in your home
The best games always have unforgettable characters. Not only do they bring the story to life, but when they’re voiced by Hollywood actors and award-winning comedians Stephen Fry, Lucy Lawless and Rhys Darby, they deliver a bucket load of belly laughs as well as robot-blasting fun.

Making the unbelievable believable
It’s not just the robots who will be blown away. You will too when you experience the graphics firsthand. Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders makes full use of Magic Leap One’s integrated CPU and GPU to create hyper-real visuals that look out of this world – raising the intergalactic bar for mobile graphics.

Putting the magic in the Magicverse
Academy Award-winning Weta Workshop combines colossal effects capabilities with advanced spatial computing. The result: Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders is a game that takes you to another world by invading yours.

How to Use it

You need to have Magic Leap headset to play this game

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