Visit the dolmens in Fectar

Visit the dolmens in Fectar Live

Visit a historical site with free app Fectar. Now you can walk through a historical site in Drenthe, The Netherlands, with just your smartphone in AR.

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A part of school education in the Netherlands are history trips within their own country.
Due to COVID, this was limited and so 360Fabriek has created a digital copy of one of the oldest graves in the Netherlands as a AR experience in the free app Fectar. They will provide this experience to all schools for free so they can use it in their classes.

By putting the end result in Fectar, the AR experience is accessible to more than 1 million users of the app.
This step is also important for cultural preservation in general.

This project is also featured by RealityCapture (state-of-the-art photogrammetry software)

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Download the free Augmented Reality app Fectar to experience immersive interactive AR spaces with your smartphone.

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