Pubfighters AR Express

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Take Cover In Augmented Reality, Smash the Candies with Bottles!

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With Motion Tracking technology, put the movement and power of your body in the immersive world of Augmented Reality. Furthermore, you can enjoy multiplayer duels in your environment with your own bodies. -Single Player Mode: Finish 8 entertaining levels in Single Player mode to get the certificate of achievement from Fighters Board! - Duels: Beat your friends in realistic fights with bottle and plates - Hit match: Second Multiplayer mode for competing against your friends to discover who is the best. The player who hits more candies is the winner! - How long you can survive? In survival mode, you will face hard competition to survive from attacks of flying fishes to Fire Throwing creatures! You need to cover and use bottles and plates, efficiently.

How to Use it

The game requires at least a two square meter plane for placing the bar counter.    
For better performance, run App on iPhone X or newer devices.

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