Start your AR shop with Fectar

Start your AR shop with Fectar Live

Set up your own AR shop without any coding. Create an immersive interactive Augmented Reality shop in just a few steps. Include interactive 3D models, a holographic salesperson, video, music and more.

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Get your AR store now! The free Augmented Reality app Fectar is much more than just an object viewer or a product configurator. Fectar enables you to set up your interactive store for a fully immersive brand experience. let your customer journey start in AR. Use existing purchase paths on your webshop to finalise the conversion. With more than 1 million installations worldwide, you learn fast about the potential of your new virtual store.

How to Use it

AR = FUN! This is an immersive and interactive virtual shopping experience that works with a standard smartphone with an average internet connection. And you can share your 3D shop with everyone through social media.

You too can build these type of AR shops without any programming with Fectar Studio. After launching our app in 2020 we now have more than 3 million installs worldwide.

This is a live demo. To experience it for yourself, just download the free app Fectar or visit our website for more info. Have fun!

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