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Try-on Warby Parker glasses using your iPhone and Augmented Reality

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This Augmented Reality provides the best shopping experience for Warby Parker sunglasses and eyeglasses. The try-on feature allows customers to see how different eyeglasses will look like before purchasing.

With the Glasses by Warby Parker, mobile application users can…

β€’ Virtually try-on hundreds of Warby Parke eyeglasses
β€’ Order five items for free to try at your home with the Home Try-On feature
β€’ Select and buy frames and prescription lenses
β€’ Get and store your eyewear prescriptions
β€’ Free delivery and returns are included
β€’ Try-on and order Scout, our own contact lenses
β€’ Shop with no hidden fees
β€’ Capture some photos with new Warby Parke eyeglasses and share them with your friends
β€’ Buy eyewear with a single Apple Pay touch

Warby Parker proposes designer sunglasses and eyeglasses at an unusual price. Moreover, with free delivery and free returns, shopping becomes better. Customers can find the most suitable pair with no risk.

How to Use it

You need to have iPhone X (or higher) to use the virtual try-on Augmented Reality feature. Browse for sunglasses and eyeglasses, find one you like, and click on the right icon at the top navigation bar to start discovering AR and launch the try-one feature.

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