Memamlity - Meme the moment in AR

Memamlity - Meme the moment in AR Live

Add 3D characters and effects and save them as videos or pictures with Memality app.

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This app is designed for my Masters Dissertation project and I am very proud of it, I would be grateful if you would download and rate it. Please mention any improvements I can implement to the app for future as I am completing documentations for my assignments. Thank you - Kind Regards Anhar Ali

Memality allows you to meme the moment in augmented reality. Reality is much more fun now because we can add 3D interactable characters with funny emotions, animations and effects. Record and share your experience either through video or photos.

Optimized to work on the Android phones supported by the ARCORE framework. You can add 3D characters in real time and walk around them while recording or taking pictures. You can interact with the characters by moving them, scaling them or rotating them to your liking.

Make each moment more fun and exciting with this apps built in functionalities:

β€’ Memality is a free augmented reality app that lets you experience the true augmented effects with your phone and transform each moment with your imagination.

β€’ Place 3D characters into the real world and make any situation fun beyond comprehension

β€’ Choose different characters, emotions, styles and animations real time.

β€’ Each functionality is designed to be highly responsive and you can see the previews instantly on your screen

β€’ Memality allows you scale, rotate and move the characters anywhere you want to, and it will still be trackable.

β€’ There are no markers, so you can move the characters any where without scanning the floor. It’s just there when you want it.

β€’ Choose different effects with your characters such as confetti, snow, rain, matrix effects and more in real time.

β€’ You have the choice to either capture the moment with the characters, effects or with both. Its fully customisable.

β€’ Snap video or take photos that are directly saved to your gallery to preview or share later.

β€’ Non-AR version included as an exploration feature to allow users who want to see what we have in store for you. Go nuts.

Memality is still in its early development, more updates including cute little characters, animations and effect coming soon for the final release of the app. Please share your videos/photos and show us how have you "memed" the moment.

How to Use it

This app is built for Android phones supporting ARCORE framework. If you are not sure if your phone supports it please check the ARCORE supported devices list. 

When you open the Memality app you can simply start using it straight of the box. Simply pick the character from the list and start adding your own customization to them. You can choose between the CAT or the COW character and they each have their own animations and styles. You can rotate scale or move the characters on the screen with finger gestures so its easy to place it where you want it without having to scan a marker first. Use the help menu in the app for more information on how to use it.

There are screen filters available to use in the app. There is rain, snow, confetti, hearts, lighting, matrix effect and many more built in. You can use them separately with the character or without the character its entirely up to your style.

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