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The 'Red Dot Challenge' is a movement aimed at spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene and opening a dialogue on this otherwise sensitive topic. “The red dot challenge aims at busting myths and promotes facts on menstrual hygiene, collectively inspiring all - men, boys, women and girls to candidly talk about menstruation”, said Michael Juma, chief of state, UNICEF. The fact that this topic is seen as taboo even today, is something that needs to be changed quickly. Women, especially in the lower strata of society, are looked down upon as "impure" during their periods, and prohibited from doing basic activities. But the problem is not just of societal stigma. There is a general lack of awareness among the majority of the population regarding menstrual hygiene. Only a small fraction of the women have access to sanitary products. The rest have to use outdated and unhygienic methods during menstruation. The ones who do have access, have to pay exorbitant prices for what is a basic necessity. The 'Red Dot Challenge' aims to normalize the conversation of menstruation, so it can be viewed as the normal and natural part of life that it is.

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