Panasonic Avionics Hololens Wayfinding

Panasonic Avionics Hololens Wayfinding Ended

R&D project commissioned by Panasonic Avionics to explore the future of augmented reality for travel - specifically way-finding around a new travel destinations - using Microsoft's Hololens, created by Neutral Digital.

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For APEX 2016, Panasonic asked us to build a new type of experience to enhance the journey of a long distance traveler. We decided to create a holographic digital assistant and way-finding application for the Hololens.

The experience is built around a scenario where the passenger has just landed at Singaporeโ€™s Changi Airport. They are guided to the baggage pickup, then pick a mode of transport to their hotel and finally explore the city on their way to a restaurant. The final element of the experience is an immersive map of the area around the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This is both where our passenger was staying, and also where APEX was held. A set of interactive point-of-interests highlighted areas for users to explore. Each POI included a short voice over which provided context and instructions to guide the user through the experience. We wanted to use this scenario to showcase the two core types of AR content: Widgets parented to the user, an outside-in view, and Immersive Context, an inside-out view.

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