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Explore Mars, rovers and rockets ?

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Check the possibilities of Augmented Reality to discover the Red Planet with our astounding rovers. Try to drive one directly on your streets.

This app brings the mission to life through AR practices grounded in real equipment and events from the difficult landing attempt to the first interplanetary helicopter's flight.

Pleasant, educational and fun, this is the most excellent way to explore Mars without going there yourself! Download and try it for free.

Application features:

The rovers - Get an interactive experience to control the rover, discover the rover design in detail. Observe how rovers have developed into the most advanced robots ever made for space discovery.

Drive the rovers - Set a rover on your desk or driveway on the streets. You can also take photos and videos to share.

Mars overview – You can start discovering the Red Planet directly in your physical environment.

Launch the rocket – Wanna test the Atlas V rocket? Using this app, you launch from any place and discover in detail.

Mars portal – Jump into an AR portal, walk around to see Mars and what's going there.

Seven minutes of terror - Manage the nail-biting touchdown yourself and understand if you can do appropriately than robotic automation.

Mission on Mars - Drive around dangerous places to achieve various goals – including controlling the helicopter Ingenuity.

Mission to Mars app also highlights an array of Mars pictures, exams, and videos from the Smithsonian Channel documentary making tracks on the red planet.

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