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Stic Stac is a mobile based content creation platform for 3D designers, artists, influencers and AR content creators to create, share and discover videos and AR experiences.

Our vision is to democratize AR content creation so you don’t have to wait for others to develop AR filters on IG/ Snapchat or hire developers and designers to create customized filters for your brand. We want to become the VSCO in AR. We want to give you the right mix of pro tools and simple and easy to use presets so anyone can easily create, share and get discovered. We want to be the one place to find all AR creators and AR content.

Stic Stac is currently in beta and as we progress, we will keep adding more tracking features, premium assets, templates and animations to suit your needs and it would be our pleasure to see you use our app to create content that stands out. Your feedback is the most important thing for us right now, so please be honest so together, we can create something useful here.

How to Use it

To use our product, all you have to do is download the app on Appstore or Playstore. There are no predefined markers needed. You can create your own markers within the app.

Steps to create using Stic Stac:
1) Open App
2) Choose one of the content creation methods - For eg. "Image tracking" or "World AR"
3) Choose from the library of assets or upload your own image
4) Edit and animate virtual content using our AR editor and animation presets
5) Create your scene using multiple virtual elements
6) Record and save or share wherever you like

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