Mammoth Mini Golf

Editorial choice Mammoth Mini Golf Live

Prehistoric golf in Augmented Reality

  • Cost of development: $4
  • Communities: ARKit
  • Categories: Games

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With Mammoth Mini Golf Augmented Reality you and your entire family can play at any chosen place. The only thing you need is a compatible iPhone or iPad. It can help you place a golf course in a kitchen, living room, backyard, park, etc. So basically you can drop a course on a chosen flat surface. Whatโ€™s more, this app was created to work even in conditions with unavailable Augmented Reality capabilities. 

Team up and play some golf. You donโ€™t need anything more but a single device and with its multiplayer mode your evening will be total entertainment. With vertical plane detection, you can observe cave paintings on walls. 

This AR app may become a magic window into a mixed universe. This way a user has an opportunity to blend the physical and digital worlds to experience a stronger emotional connection between game characters and players themselves. 

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