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An AR sight-seeing tour with a virtual pair of geese which guides you to points of interests in the city.

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In the location-based augmented reality app "Gans Billerbeck" a virtual pair of geese guides tourists to sights and historical attractions of the city Billerbeck (Germany).

During the pandemic, (human) tour guides could not guide tourists through the city, many points of interest were closed. Thanks to the AR app, everyone has been able to take the tour anytime, and at his own pace.

The geese walk ahead in the mobile device’s display and indicate the correct path. If the user stops, so do the geese after a few seconds and they wait until the journey is continued.

On the way, small speech bubbles appear that, after being clicked, show information about other important POI for tourists, such as local bistrots, hotels, cafés and restaurants as well as local boutiques, the tourism agency for the city of Billerbeck, the shopping center, etc.

Furthermore, the premises of several attractions can be discovered in an AR portal with a few 360° panorama views, which is useful in case the POI are closed.

Visually impaired people may use the accessible mode. All descriptions and instructions are played as audio messages in real time.

Our work:

In this project, we are responsible for the concept, the UI/UX design and implementation of the app.

A special requirement of our client was not to use the Google Maps Geolocation Service for the calculation of geo-positioning. All geodetic calculations are done locally in the app.

Used applications, SDKs, APIs, frameworks, etc.:

Unity3d, ARFoundation, C#, Google Text-To-Speech API, Adobe XD, Photoshop, 3dsMax, and some maths

How to Use it

Come by to North-Western Germany, drop me a note, and I will demo the app … ;-) 
It only works fully on-site, not remotely.

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