Banuba SDK: AI for Business

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Cutting edge camera-based technologies to try in real-time! Integrate them into your app! Get inspired with new ideas!

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The Banuba SDK app allows seeing AR technologies live in the camera and right on a user's face. Test how augmented reality works and get inspiration for powering your apps and games with AR features or building a standalone AR app.

Technologies in Banuba SDK app support FRX, face/body segmentation (eye, hand, hair, full body, skin and background) in real time with 3D effects. Each feature is available separately and can be embedded into AR experiences.


Try on glasses

Change headwear

Wear accessories virtually


● Measure face-device distance

Detect skin and hair color


Apply makeup

Retouch imperfections

Enhance natural look

Change face proportions


Skin detection

Multi-face detection

● Separate body from the background

Detect and track a hand

Detect multi faces to apply effects to several people


Correct colors in photos

Apply 3D face filters

Change hair color

Bokeh spot effect

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