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Instant Musician enables you to play songs on the piano easily using augmented reality technology

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Have a seat at any piano and open the app. Now watch through your phone's screen as your hand plays along. 

It's really that simple. You too are an Instant Musician.

Using Apple's ARKit technology, the Instant Musician app superimposes augmented reality indicators directly on your piano or keyboard that show you which notes to play, when to play them, and for how long to hold them.

Select the right speed and accompaniment options for your best performance. And rehearse individual sections in Practice Mode, before returning to Play Mode to put it all together.

Music Everywhere, grand-prize winner of the Unity/Microsoft HoloLens Developer Competition, introduces the power of purposeful mobile AR on iPhone, and invites you to play themes and melodies on any piano from songs you already know and enjoy, instantly!

How to Use it

Have a seat at any piano. Open Instant Musician. Watch through your phone's screen and play along. 
To set up the AR interface that guides you to play, you’ll need a one dollar bill. Use a crisp, flattened bill for best results.

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