Innovation World

Innovation World Live

Teleport to Innovation World, in augmented reality. With this unique experience, pass through the portal and discover Eurovia’s Land of Innovation, as if you were there.


Innovation World is an augmented reality app developed for iOS and Android, that lets you pass a portal and enter a oneiric world dedicated to Eurovia's innovation spirit. 

For special, the app can rely on a real-life portal to enhance immersion for the user.

Using the best technologies from ARKit, ARCore and Unity, this app received several prizes in French festivals.

Product Designer : Josselin Colletta
Agency : Black Euphoria
Client : Eurovia (Vinci)

Screenshots & Video

How to Use it

Scan the ground. Place a portal in front of you. Pass through the portal!

Target Images

Scan these images to discover AR content

What’s New

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