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Teleport to Innovation World, in augmented reality. With this unique experience, pass through the portal and discover Eurovia’s Land of Innovation, as if you were there.

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"What did you know about the world of innovation? And what if teleportation to an innovative world can happen with the help of Augmented Reality and your gadgets.

We want to tell you that this is possible from 2018 thanks to the Innovation World app from the developers of Eurovia. The world has stepped into an era of the rapid development of technologies. Almost all developers of Augmented Reality applications want to show how they see the situation with innovations in the future.

You have the opportunity to expand the universe using Augmented Reality. Eurovia created this universe for the film ""The Strange of Innovations.""

Using this application, you can open a virtual door (AR portal) and jump into a virtual environment.

Eurovia, a subsidiary of Vinci, is tasked with developing mobility solutions through the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure related to transport and urban development."

How to Use it

Scan the ground. Place a portal in front of you. Pass through the portal!

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